House Usuluni
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House Usuluni
"Ever Upward"

Thorûth Usuluni
Thôruth Usuluni


The Usuluni are another of the Númenorean families. According to the family legend, their forebears were massacred in the form of blood sacrifice at the Temple of Mulkhêr at Armenelos. They escaped with Isildur to become small lords in the region of Emyn Arnen in Ithilien. After the War of the Last Alliance, House Usuluni was given lands on the west bank of Anduin and Pelennor. They grew to be fervent supplicants to the Valar and devout Faithful. The family is patron to several charities and religious organizations, while most of the family fortune comes from banking. Many Keepers of the Hallows have come from this noble line. A recent offshoot of the Usuluni are the House of Húrin, founded by Húrin of Emyn Arnen, who served as Steward of the Realm under King Minardil and Telemnar.

Thorûth Usuluni is the current head of the House Usuluni. He inherited his position after both his elder brothers died in the Plague and his father took his own life after strangling her mother. Outwardly, he is a amiable man; however, his familial history and short time of training with the Belguinarites (caretakers of the dead) have given him a darker insight into life than he might otherwise have had. He has sought election to the Privy Council, but relations with his cousin, Steward Dior, are strained at best.

Family Tree

Condir Pelendur (Piero) Usuluni
Erucolindo Usuluni
Ludovico Usuluni
Condir Thorûth Usuluni, Lord Usuluni, exalted member of the Council of Gondor.
Elenwë Usuluni
Eredwen Usuluni

Condir Túrelio Usuluni
Condir Valandur Usuluni, member of the Council of Gondor
Condir Valandil Usuluni, member of the Council of Gondor

Belecthor Usuluni, master of the Usuluni Bank in Minas Anor.
Autherdir Námotur Usuluni, Commander of the Royal Engineers.

Arandur Húrin of Emyn Arnen
Arandur Dior Húrinion, Steward of the Realm
Ecthelion, Vice-secretary in the Office of Decrees
Maratar, Rochben (knight) in the Royal Army.
Egalmoth, Master in the Office of Estates

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