Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh, Gr OB 1 OB 2
Thônzagari 9 135 Pl/17 40 S+10, A/L 116bs 95sp
These dúnadan knights are close relatives of the Castamirioni family and blindly loyal to the rebel cause. They usually fight dismounted, like their númenórean ancestors. Thônzagari are armed and equipped with the best Umbar can produce, buy of steal. Often their arms and armour are family heirlooms.
Guard Line Infantry 5 90 Ch/16 30 S+5, A/L 94ss 70sp
Èlite armoured regiments of foot, mostly lesser dúnedain of Umbar and Harondor, descended from the old Line Infantry regiments of the Ship-Kings. Reinforced chain hauberks and breastplates with additional greaves and steel leggings. Line infantry are armed with traditional dúnadan swords (ekets and ankets), long spears, long bows and square shields. They wear the red robes of Umbar with winged steel helmets of Gondor. Guard regiments are the best units the Castamirioni dynasty can field.
Haruze Archers 4 70 SL/5 10 - 80cp 60da
Masses of haruze foot archers, firing their composite and recurved bows, form the backbone of every Corsair army. These excellent bowmen wear quilted soft armour and a use large single-edged daggers or knives for self-defense.
Spearmen 3 60 RL/7 25 S, A 60ja 50sc
Spearmen are expected to hold their line and pepper their enemies with javelins. They are mostly drawn from umbarean and harondorian commoners. Many are haruze. Their primary weapons are pikes, spears, javelins and scimitars. They wear lamellar leather armour for protection, and use small wicker and leather shields.
Karbûzagari 4 75 RL/12 25 S, A/L 75ml 65sc
Karbûzagari cavalry is the main umbarean mounted troop. Ethnically they are mostly umbarean, with some haruze and even northern mercenaries thrown in. They usually ride unarmoured horses, but some have quilted barding, and wear quilted armour worn over either rigid leather lamellar or full mail with coif. Karbûzagari are armed with ankets, spears and cavalry axes or maces.
Haruze Raiders 4 70 RL/10 25 S 70cp 55sc
Amongst the Haradrim tribes are accomplished horsemen who roam the desert and savannah alike, conducting unrelenting raids upon their neighbours. The horses of the south, while not as well-bred as those of Rhovanion, are swift and strong. these light horsemen are usually employed as raiders, applying their hit-and-run tactics.
Merchant Guards 4 70 RL/11 25 S, L 75sp 60ha
The Merchant Guard are a body of men unswervingly loyal to their master's goals, yet also charged with protecting traders for a hundred leagues about the city. They are professional soldiers from Raj, Bellakar and Near Harad. Most wear lamellar cuirasses, steel helmets, leather shields and are armed with, spears, axes and knives. They often smear the tips of their weapons with the preserved venom of reptiles or scorpions living in their distant lands.
Household Bannermen 10 140 Ch/16 30 S+5, A/L 102ml 86bs
Umbarean household knights are small but professional corps of cavalrymen employed by the Great Families. They are paid both in coin and land, often with extensive tax rights. Houshold knights wear full mail hauberks and coifs, dúnadan steel helmets and use haradan swords, lances, spears and maces as their weapons of choice. These veterans are often more interested in farming their taxes than in fighting.
Wardens of Umbar 3 60 RL/9 25 S 65sp 55ss
Umbarean militia guard is suprisingly well trained and disciplined, comparable in fighting spirit to many standing army regiments in Gondor. They wear leather cuirasses over quilted soft armour and red and black dresses of Umbar. Warden regiments are armed with short swords (ekets), spears or halberds, and large kite-shaped shields.
Corsairs 2 35 RL/12 20 S 35ss 20cb
Corsairs soldiers are heavily armed but lack training and morale. Their primary weapons are bows, javelins, hand axes and short swords. Their nautical expertise is beyond compare, however. Corsair crews prey upon all of the coastlands of southern Middle-Earth.
Artillerists 4 70 Ch/15 25 S 70hcb 60ss  
Corsair artillerists operate ballistae and catapults. They have loose trousers beneath the mail hauberk, large leather shields, heavy crossbows, swords or falchions.
Naphta Throwers 8 75 RL/12 5 A/L 60fire 62sc  
These specialist soldiers use Naurnen, the dreaded númenorean fire, as rudimentary hand grenades.
Desert Raiders 2 35 SL/5 5 - 30sc 40sb
Desert archers are recruited from the Dune Sea: Narakshi and other Haradrim tribes. They are equipped with small hunting bows, curved daggers and soft quilted armour. They are very fast, escaping enemy screeners with their camels and dispersing to the dunes. Best suited in desert warfare.

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