Flag of Ârûwanâi republic of Umbar

Land of Umbar

Haven of Umbar. The meaning of name 'Umbar' is unknown. The name appears to contain the word mbar, 'home' or 'dwelling-place'. Umbar is also known to be the Elvish word for 'fate'. This seems an odd source for a placename, and is probably mere coincidence, but it may possibly refer to the fateful landing of Ar-Pharazôn here in the year II 3261, which ultimately led to the Downfall of Númenor.


Umbar is the greatest coastal port and a largest natural harbor in Harad. The name Umbar refers to the city, port, fotress, cape and surrounding coastal lands. It was the Westernesse's chief port in Middle-Earth in the ancient days of Second Age, and has a great historical and religious significance to the Dúnedain and Adûnai alike. From the 10th century onwads it was part of Gondor, but the haven was lost to the supporters of the Castamirioni dynasty during the Civil Wars. These articles describe the Third Realm in Exile between the Kin-Strife and the Wainrider Wars, III 1450-1850.

Haven of Umbar House of Castamir Principality of Harnendor Lordship of Marös Lordship of Isigir Lordship of Caldûr



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