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=====Morëinionin hauta=====

//Ja kiveen oli kaiverrettu hopeaisin kirjaimin /
että tähän kuopattu on murhaajista syntisin. //

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||//Sinómë eanye, nyéra.
Níryan an vanesselya, muinë heru, Morëinion.
Merin quetë an aira ar eleni:
Ani tíra, ani lasta!

Ma carnë len?
Alcar ar úcarmë Tol-Eresseasse -
Ar sí qostalyë nu falmar nár ar serceva.
Mí rangwer aneressëar mardealyë,
An umbaro cólo hecilin lumna.

Sinómë eanye, nyéra.
Antoryanelwë órengwar, avamarnë ar etyë,
An sára ná sina ohta ar nangwë sin haira.
Tíranyel haira hrestallo,
Ar ilyë tier undulávë lumbulë.//||Here I am, mourning.
I weep for your passing, beloved Lord, Morëinion.
I desire to speak by the sea and the stars:
See me, hear me!

What happened to you?
Glory and sin at the Desolation Island -
And now you drown under the waves of fire and blood.
In the loneliest fathoms you're dwelling,
Since the fate’s burden is heavy for outcasts.

Here I am, mourning.
We hardened our hearts, homeless and exiled,
For this bitter fight and its distant victory.
I watch you from a far-away shore,
And all paths are drowned deep in shadow.||

====Muistokirjoituksen teksti====

""<font face="Tengwar Eldamar" style="font-size: 21px; line-height: 32px;">
iT5~Nt$ `V`C5Ì$= 5Ì~V7E- <br>
5~B7ÍE5 `C5 yE5$,Rj´E= tlU5$ 9F7U= t^7R`B5%`N5- <br>
t$7T5 zR1R `lE7E `C6 `VjR5%=<br>
`C5% 1~B7E= `C5% jE81EÁ<br><br>

t# aE65$ jR5À<br>
`CjaE6 `C6 ~MaE6t$ 1Yj`V7R,R`C,R <br>
`C6 8~B zY81Ej´R 5& eEjt#6 5~C6 `C6 iR6aRyE-<br>
t~B 7Ex$6 `C5$7R,R`C6 t#uR`Cj´R=<br>
`C5 `Mw#7Y a~NjY 9FaTjT5 jUt5#-<br><br>

iT5~Nt$ `V`C5Ì$= 5Ì~V7E-<br>
`C4^7ÍE5$jnR ~N7Rx#6= `CyEt#65$ `C6 `V1ÍR=<br>
`C5 8~C7E 5~C iT5# `Nd1E `C6 5#x$ iT5 9lE7E- <br>
1~B7E5Ì$j 9lE7E ½7R81Ej¸Y=<br>
`C6 `Bj´R 1T`V6 `M2&j~CyR jUw&jR-

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