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Second Corsair War
« Part of the Eldacari-Castamirioni conflict »
Date 1633-1638
Location Lebennin
Casus belli Humiliating peace of Ancalimon in 1551; Umbarean desire for revanche
Result Tactical Umbarean victory
 Gondor  Umbar
 Minardil †
 Brego Bassoneth-Celosien, Captain of the Ships
 Dior Húrinion, Steward
 Sangahyando †
 Númendur †

The Second Corsair War

The Second Corsair War was on 5 May 1634 was a military event carried out by the rebel troops of Angamaitë and Sangahyando, lords of Umbar and descendants of king Castamir. It marked a crucial rebel victory in the civil war between descendants of Eldacar and the Castamirioni League (1430–1810) — the confederacy of southern Dúnedain and some of the former leading families of Pelargir.

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