Second Corsair War
« Part of the Eldacari-Castamirioni conflict »
Date 1633-1638
Location Lebennin, Harondor, Anfalas, Tolfalas
Casus belli Humiliating peace of Ancalimon in 1551; Umbarean desire for revanche
Result Truce of Methir, tactical Umbarean victory
 Gondor  Castamirioni League
 Minardil †
 Brego Bassoneth-Celosien
 Dior Húrinion, Steward
 Sangahyando †
 Númendur †
Sack of Pelargir (1634), Conquest of Gobel Mírlond (1637)

The Second Corsair War

The Second Corsair War (1633-1638) was a series of armed conflicts between Gondor, Umbar and the Castamirioni League. It was one of the wars between the dynasty of Eldacar and the descendants of Castamir that took place after the Kin-strife. In Umbar they are called the "Civil Wars", in Gondor, "the Corsair Wars".

The second war was characterized by small skirmishes and corsair strikes on Gondor's coasts. There were only two major battles. Angamaitë and Sangahyando, great-grandsons of Castamir, launched the Great Raid in 1634 upon southern Gondor, razing Pelargir and destroying many of the realm's coastal fortifications. Sangahyando was fatally wounded during the raid and died two years later in Umbar. His young son Sangahyandion took over his father's fleet and, after gathering additional volunteers forces from Haruzan, conquered Gobel Mírlond and southern Harondor in 1637-1639 while the Gondorian army was decimated by the Great Plague.

Wearied of plague, blockades and raids, and now under threat of a continued advance on Gondor proper and a scheme to restore his uncle Vinyaran as ruler, king Tarondor signed a treaty ending hostilities on June 10, 1638. Although the Council of Gondor did not approve the treaty until the following year, this effectively ended the Second Corsair War. Tarondor agreed to pay ransom of sixty thousand gold crowns for Gondorian prisoners, but the promised monies were never transferred to Umbar, which provoked the Third Corsair War.

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