Sangahyandion Castamirioni
Ernil Harondorim, pretender to the Winged Crown
Prince Sangahyandion
Race Dúnadan (Corsair)
Profession Warrior (Knight)
Gifts & Geas True blood, Calming voice, Aura
Sword Hadhafang
Family tree
House of Calimehtar


Sangahyandion Castamirioni (24 Narwain 1608 – ) was direct descendant of king Castamir the Usurper and nephew of the infamous corsair lord Angamaitë. He was the only son of Sangahyando and Zimrinzil of Umbar, sister of lord Ainarauta. A natural tactician and inspiring leader, he alone of Castamir's descendants possessed the ability to maneuver his troops with the same effectiveness as did his relatives with navies. His gracious manners and mercifulness with enemies earned him considerable fame even in Gondor, where he was known as "the Just Prince".

1608 Born in Ramlond (Abaronlôni), Harnendor.
1634 Cadet Midshipman on his father's flagship "Hyarnusúri" during the Great Raid of Pelargir.
1636 Dark Plague in Middle-Earth.
1637 Nominated as the Commander of the Harnen Territorial Corps under Governor Vorommaitë.
1638-1639 With his new Model Army, composed of exiled gondorians and beduin horsemen, Sangahyandion captures Gobel Mírlond.
1641 Proclaims himself as Prince of Harondor (ernil Harondorim); recognized by Umbar, Arthedain and Elves of Edhellond.
1652 Lays siege on Amon Eithel.
1653 Gondor declares war on Umbar after umbarean troops take over Lond Angren in Enedwaith. Royal Southern Army under prince Vinyaran, Captain of the Hosts, forces Sangahyandion to retreat to Gobel Ancalimon. Battle at Crossings of Harnen; Vinyaran is taken captive. Whole Harondor submits to Sangahyandion.
1654 Sangahyandion is repulsed at Ithilduin, but Southern Ithilien remains at his hands.
1660 Last of Sangahyandion's rebel troops retreat from Southern Ithilien.
1663 Marriage between prince Sangahyandion and Miranda Aranel of Caldûr secures political support for additional forces. Council of Captains grants him the title of Grand Prince of Harnendor and king of Mardruak.

Royal Titles and Styles: "Grand Prince of Harnendor, king of Mardruak and Northern Bellakar, Amir of the Amirs, heir to the Winged Crown."

Cadet Youth

Sangahyandion was barely of age to participate in the Great Raid (1634) against Gondor. As an untried youth, though an important one, he was relegated to the rank of the marines abroad his father's ship as a cadet midshipman. During the attack on Pelargir, the commanding officers of his company were either killed or grievously wounded. Sangahyandion took command and personally led his forces against a dozen of Gondorian positions and troop concentration. Each one fell before they could rally and counterattack the raiders.

Politics of an Heir Apparent

Affair with the Queen and his Personal life

Marriage and War with Gondor

Later life

Family tree

House Castamirioni

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