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Tirrim Aran (Company of the White Tree)

Company of the White Tree, more popularly known as the royal bodyguard, was formed as the Royal troop of nearest guard in 1005 by king Ciryandil to act as amounted escort, armed with spear and lance to protect the sovereign, in battle or elsewhere. The troop was composed of cadets of noble families and the highest order of gentry. The royal bodyhuard accompanied Dúnadan monarchs to all foreign wars. In 1246, they became dismounted bodyguard armed with battleaxes.

Increasingly ceremonial, the Nearest guard appeared divided and demoralised in the Kin-strife. When league forces stormed the Royal halls in Osgiliath, most of the bodyguards fled or changed sides. Of all the soldiers present, only Serondo Dior stood firm, while his colleagues melted away. While Eldacar fled to seek a safe hiding place, Serondo bought him time to escape, first remonstrating with the assassins and then fighting them to the death.

The bodyguard was reinstated in 1491 by king Aldamir as the Company of the White Tree and organised along slightly different lines. There are two troops of six tulkarim each, making 240 men in total with officers and staff. The first troop is mounted on heavy warhorses with excellent handling qualities. The second troop is more versatible...

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