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**Rían** (S. “Gifted with crown”) is oldest and most influential among the exalted families of Ithilien, who came to Middle-earth from Númenor. They have ruled Ríanbar in Central Ithilien for sixteen centuries. The Great Family of Rían speaks for every Ithiliean noble in the Privy Council. They are as rich as Malréd, as lofty as Astirian, and only slightly less popular than the more martial Houses of Ithilien like Alagdor or Othnir.

Outspoken conservatives and traditionalists of undiluted Númenorean stock, they seem a bit out of place among the current meritocratic government. The Rian have nonetheless always managed to steer clear in the high seas of state politics. In 1447, during the later stages of the Kin-Strife, //Hîratar// **Adrahil** (34th Lord of Rian) staged a coup in Minas Ithil, stabbed his partner Steward Heruvorn to death and surrendered the city to King Eldacar without bloodshed. This sudden and unexpected show of political realism assured that the Great House of Rían retained its possessions and was not among those who withdraw to [[Umbar]] and were erased from the //[[HerenRequain Heren Requain]]//.

Family fortune has ebbed and flowed; but it has never beed modest. Current Rían assets, estimated to be worth of 900,000 gold crowns, include 14 manors between Laergaladrin and Poros river, the township of Ríanbar, sixty olive oil presses, six merchantmen and one man-of-war, and patronage of several manufactures and fishing industry in Ithilien.

The Great Plague nearly decimated the proud House: eight members of the ruling line died in 1635-1636, including the wise and amiable **Hostamir**, who was supposed inherit the lordship after his grandfather, **Angelimar** (36th Lord Rían). Now, the family is ruled with an iron fist by a matriarch, countess **Thanwen (Sondinwë) Rían**, daughter of Angelimar. The stubborn woman is beginning to show her age, but still occupies her seat and concedes little of her responsibilities to her relatives, whom she does not trust. Thanwen herself must be approached carefully, for she is an expert at political maneuvering and, believing a strong nobility to be of greater good to Gondor than a strong monarchy, she has acted as the spokeswoman for the Queen and his opposition to Tarondor.

Current heir to House Rian is her grand-nephew **Palammir Rian**, a //rochben// (knight) in the Royal Army, merchant, banker, scholar, writer and translator.

====Family Tree====
//Aratar herenya// **Angelimar Rían** †, 36th Lord Rían, count of Rianbar
//Hîril// **Sondinwë Rían**, 37th Lady Rían, countess of Rianbar
**Borommil Rían** †, magistrate of Minas Ithil
Heryn Faerilien Rían
Sulinwë Irien Rian
Mereniel Rían
Círien Rían †
Lindamel Rían
//Hîr// **Azalamir Rían** †, Warden of Ithilien
**Hostamir Rían** †
**Palammir Rian**, knight of Gondor
Faerwen Rian
Egleriel Rían Maldring †
//Condir// Adrahil Rían †, Lord of Minas Ithil
//Condir// **Cimrion Rían** †, magistrate of Minas Ithil
//Hîr// **Ciramir Rían** †, Flag-Admiral of the Pelargir Fleet
//Hîr// **Findamir Rían**, Flag-Admiral of the Pelargir Fleet
**Aradan Rían** †
**Artamir Rían**, knight of Gondor
Irnil Rían Malréd
**Andril Rían** †
//Condir// **Faramir Rían** †, magistrate of Minas Ithil
//Hîr// **Malvegil Rían**, General of Infantry (retired)
Silmë Rían Elena †
Ancalimë Rían †
Nimrodel Rían Morvegil †
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