House Rendûl
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House Rendûl


When the Winged Crown would not maintain the Watch over Mordor, the duty was sold out to private contractors by King Eldacar. Obligation to guard and maintain the Darkwatch was chartered to single noble house from Mornan, a supporter of King Eldacar: House of Rendûl from beyond the Tarlang's Neck, who were known for their piety and devotion to the Faithful ideal. In return they received almost complete overlordship of the lower Morthond River, as well as a substantial number of former Traditionalist manors. Heads of the family became hereditary Captains of the Tirith Dúath and Lords of Morannon. The deal was all well and good, until the Great Plague decimated the agricultural base and income needed to fulfill their obligation. House Rendûl could not relinquish their Charter without losing their respective privileges in lower Morthond; and have thus been forced to sell and auction most of their inherited wealth to keep the remaining fortifications manned and supplied.

House members in the Govadan Gondorim: Saradas Rendûlin.

Family Tree

Saradas Rendûlin

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