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Religion, folklore and religious thought in Realms in Exile


"Who is a Númenórean?" (an-Adûna) is a basic question about Dúnadan identity and considerations of Númenórean self-identification. The question has gained particular legal prominence due to diminishing of pure Númenórean bloodlines since the Downfall.

The definition of who is of Númenórean ancestry varies according to whether it is being considered by the Elendili or Ârûwânai based on normative religious statutes, self-identification or by non-Númenóreans for their own particular purposes. Because Númenórean identity can include characteristics of an ethnicity, a religion, and citizenship, the definition has varied, particularly since the early 6th century schism.

The Official Cult of Elendili (the Faithful)

Ârûwânai ascetic eruism

Folk religion in Gondor

Bellakarian heresy

Batan an-Izindi

Folk religion in Harad

Folk religion in Eriador

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