Secret Fire of Númenor
Côr Carammaitë
12 Degrees of Initiation
I° Novice
II° Adept
III° Provost
IV° Judge
V° Lord of the Rings
VI° Knight of Armenelos
VII° Knight of Númenor
VIII° Servant of the Scepter
VIIII° Lord Keeper of the Nine Seals
X° Secret Fire of Númenor
XI° Secret Master
XII° Lókëtar (Supreme Grand Dragon)

Côr Carammaitë

Order of the Red Hand, also known as the Secret Fire of Númenor, is a secret fraternal organisation devoted to the lost culture of Númenor. It believes in the supremacy of Men over the elder races, and wait for the coming Fourth Age. It is strongly linked to Unionism and other pro-Númenorean philosophies. It was founded in 1636 by late hîr Coriayan Falassion, Curator and Justice of the Supreme Court of Gondor as a senior fraternity of Minas Anor law students, but became increasingly popular in the post-Plague years among upstarts, scholars, merchants, soldiers and bureaucrats.
The Order promotes and propagates Númenorean Unionism, commemorate King Hyarmendacil I and his reformations, and objects to all kinds of intellectual cencorship and religious persecution. The Order has given unswerving support to King Tarondor and his reformatory policies. It considers itself as the enemy and competitor of the older and more established Tindómë-Lië, although the two societies share some mutual members. Like trade associations of Minas Anor, Order of the Red Hand is open to both sexes.
Current Head of the Order, called the Secret Fire of Númenor, is charismatic ambassador, banker and scholar hîr Meldin Malinaldo son of Barahir, Lord Daldor. The society has some notable noble supporters and financiers, like hîr Angon Alagdor, Lord Aludor and condir Alúdor Malréd, Warden of Anórien and son of Lord Malréd. The Order maintains a number of halls and charities in Anórien, Lebennin and Anfalas, all which are recognizable by stained-glass windows bearing the emblem of the Red Hand.

Advancement in the Order is achieved by running errands. Political and academic activities pertinent to the Order and general interest in the history and manifest destiny of the Númenorean race are much encouraged. The current Secret Fire of Númenor, Lord Daldor, is well-known for his unparalleled collection of Númenorean relics and paraphernalia. Among these relics is a mummified, severed hand, which allegedly belongs to Beren Erchamion.

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