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Project Pelargir

A low-poly exercise with Autodesk 3ds Max

My aim is to create an low-polygon model of Pelargir (c. 17th century Third Age) in scale of 1:1000. Basis of the map is the one published in ICE:s Sea-Lords of Gondor. I have developed it further to give the city a plausible social and architectural history. Days numbered are actual workdays used only for this project.

The project is currently on a break. I'll return to Pelargir when time permits. In the meantime, there is this.

 (image: http://www.taivaansusi.net/b/Pelargir3D_test1.jpg)
Day 1: Started with a heightmap and few loci to define the area of the city.

 (image: http://www.taivaansusi.net/b/IantAnnun_lowpoly.jpg)
First draft of Iant Annûn, seen from Enta Sirith.

 (image: http://www.taivaansusi.net/b/VilliValas.jpg)
Day 2: Spouting Whale & Dock

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day2_2.jpg)
Day 2: Buildings from above.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day3_1.jpg)
Day 3: Northern part of the Neldëlendin, minus bridges and details. From right to left: Spouting Whale Inn, Captain's Guildhalls, Courtyard of Shipmasters, Houses of the Shippers and Outfitters, Halls of House Talahir, Warehouses, Belltower.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day4_1.jpg)
Day 4: Making those little houses really takes time. The same area from above, with Angamando, more piers and buildings added.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day5_1.jpg)
Day 5: Halls of the Faithful in the quarter of Gobel Ciryaher.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day5_3.jpg)
Day 5: A view to very incomplete Newport (Vinyalond), with Halls of the Faithful in the background.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day6_2.jpg)
Day 6: After a five-week hiatus, the project continues.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day7_1.jpg)
Day 7: A view from above. Gobel Eärnil takes shape.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day11_1.jpg)
Day 11: Gobel Eärnil: 90% completed. You can see a different view here. Next step, Quarter of the Faithful. You can see a prototype Dúnadan palazetto here.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day12_2.jpg)
Day 12: I am trying to figure out how to texture the landscape.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day13_1.jpg)
Day 13: Abad Arahir and Court of the Elendili

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day14_3.jpg)
Day 14: Working on Quarter of the Faitful, Abad Arahir & Court of the Elendili.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day15_small.jpg)
Day 15: Working on textures. Unedited rendering of the current project.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day16_1.jpg)
Day 16: The Porphyry Pavilion.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day16_2_pieni.jpg)
Day 16: Quarter of the Faithul is nearing completion.

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day17_2.jpg)
Day 17: Textures for the Chancellery building in Gobel Eärnil

 (image: http://taivaansusi.net/b/Day17_6_pieni.jpg)
Day 17: General view of the project. You can see a closeup of the Barad Aerhir here.

 (image: http://lindefirion.net/images/Day18_1.jpg)
Day 18: Witness the difference using Light Tracer (natural light). But rendering time cost is horrendous - 45 mins (left), 9 hours and 20 mins (right).

Day 21
Day 21: Quarter of the Faithful finished, started working with the Ancient Market. Rendered with Light Tracer, rendering time 5 h 55 min.

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