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Sack of Pelargir
Part of the Eldacari-Castamirioni conflict
Date 1634
Location Lebennin
Casus belli Humiliating peace of Ancalimon in 1621; Umbarean Financial demands from the Council of Captains refused; subsequent Umbarean advances into Gondorian sphere of influence
Result Decisive Umbarean victory
 Aran Tarondor
 Ernil Vinyaran
 Belatar Minardilion
 Donnchadh II of Saralainn
 Târikbâr of Bellakar
 Tarcundo Miruvor
Siege of Amon Eithel, Battle of Harnen (1653), Battle of Ithilduin, Battle of Miraz (1663), Gauntlet at Has Adri, Battle of Methir

Sack of Pelargir

The Sack of Pelargir on 5 May 1634 was a military event carried out by the rebel troops of Angamaitë and Sangahyando, lords of Umbar and descendants of king Castamir. It marked a crucial rebel victory in the civil war between descendants of Eldacar and the Traditionalist League (1440–1810) — the confederacy of southern Dúnedain and some of the former leading families of Pelargir.

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