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Organisations in the western Middle-earth


Heren Requain - Order of Knights is the official list of nobility in Gondor. All peers (condirath, rheinhirath and ereter) are knights of Gondor, but not all knights are peers. Six hundred knights, elders of their families, sit in the Great Council of Gondor.

Tirith Dolen - The Secret service of the royal house, a professional bunch of informers, spies and bodyguards. They are commanded by hîr Dostir Maldring, condir of Haerlond.

Covenant of Uinen


Order of Estë


Sovereign Military Order of the Swan
Grey Brethren
Sisters of Nienna


Tindóme-Lië (The Golden Dawn)
School of Cirith Ungol
Côr Carammaitë (Circle of the Red Hand)
Côr Morchaint (Circle of Shadows)
The Grey Council

Pagan or heretical

Kâthasaptha (Endless Wisdom)
Batan an-Izindi (Path of Rightousness)

Sisters of Ishtra
Cult of Ladnoca and Vatra
Cult of Shoglic

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