Morëinion Orchaldor-Eldalótë
Aratar Morëinion, hîr Orchaldor
Lord Morëinion, 1651Official portrait (1651)
Race Dúnadan
Profession Lvl 13 Bard (Noble)
Gifts & Geas True blood, Gift of foresight,
Magical ability, Possessed
Sword Gimilzagar
Family tree
Houses of Orchaldor and Eldalótë
Family tree
Lord Morëinion, 1663Morëinion-Goeweth
Morëinionin hauta Mordulinin rakennuttamassa sukumausoleumissa
Tomb of Morëinion in the mausoleum of Orchaldor-Eldalótë
Bar Orchaldor
Bar Orchaldor, palace of the Orchaldor-Eldalótës in Pelargir

Morëinion Eldalótë-Orchaldor

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Morëinion Eldalótë-Orchaldor (13 Ivanneth 1551- ?) was a Gondorian nobleman, scholar, sorceror, patron of art and gardening, and undisclosed leader of the criminal underworld in Pelargir. At the height of his power, he was styled aratar herenya, His Exalted Lordship, as a member of the Great Council and heir to the House of Eldalótë. He was also a constituent member of the secret society of Tindóme-Lië (the Golden Dawn), lodge of Eärendil at Pelargir.

His network of friends and associates was large and illustrious. Especially, Morëinion had the ear of the Queen Mírien, who had granted him right of access in gratitude of his support. He quarreled with King Tarondor, first over his inherited hunting grounds, and was then twice suspected (but not charged) of High Treason for giving aid to the King's enemies. First time he was incarcerated in the palace of Bar Annabon in Osgiliath for six months, second time he chose voluntary exile but disappeared in storm in the bay of Belfalas. His relatives declared him deceased to be able to conserve his considerable property, but several years later, Morëinion returned incognito to Gondor. His later years are not recorded in any tale or book.


”It is therefore a foolish and perilous thing, besides being a wrong deed forbidden justly by the appointed Rulers of Arda, if the Living seek to commune with the Unbodied, though the houseless may desire it, especially the most unworthy among them." (Tolkien, Morgoth's Ring)

Great king Vinyarion Hyarmendacil II had warred eleven years with Umbar and Harad. That summer he had crossed Harnen and crushed the army gathered by the Captains and Emirs. Rebels were given no mercy, prisoners were slain. In Gobel Ancalimon the King dictated his terms for a peace. Emirs were forbidden to ally with enemies of Gondor or to go armed west of Harnen. No ship under the flag of Umbar was allowed to sail north. They were also to pay tribute to the Winged Crown for twenty years.

Even the Spheres of Heaven were on Hyarmendacil's side, for while the Emirs argued, Isil (the moon) and Anor (the sun) conjoined and darkness fell over the land. At that moment when at high noon it was as dark as on a cloudy night, was Túrin Orchaldor's and Mirimë Eldalótë's only son and heir brought into this world. He was born in silence; there was no cry. And all this was taken as a great miracle by the midwives. From that moment, the son of Túrin had the gift of foresight.

For some trickle of fate or design of Ilúvatar, the blood of Westernesse flowed nearly pure in his veins, and he lived longer than many of his peers without aging. But when old age finally caught him up, his wisdom was blurred and his sight was stunted; for he had used his gifts for his own selfish interests, and in his folly he believed that he could safely delve deep in the Arts Unspeakable without being tarnished by the corruptive legacy of Morgoth. But the more his confidence in sorcery and his own prowess grew, the more he lost his trust, noble qualities and standing among others, and finally, he was despised and betrayed even by his own children.
















X-1660 (?)


1660 - 1663




"Eihän se nyt ollenkaan kurjaa ole kun haudataan elävälta, omat lapset varastavat vallan symbolit ja muuraavat seinän sisään kuolemaan unohdettuna, mukavaltahan se tuntuu!"

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