House Malréd
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House Malréd
"We Sow In Gold"


Malréd (S. “Sowers of Gold”) is one of the exalted families of Anórien.

When the Faithful warriors of the Last Alliance scaled the walls of Barad-Dûr, Cambal Malthen, bannermen of Anárion, was the first man over the top. The reward for his bravery, given into his eager hands, was five small nuggets of gold and a fiery stone. In proof of their ancient and heroic origins, the Malréd had only to point to the sigil of their house, and the yearly celebration of Mettarë in Minas Anor, where 'sacred fire' was distributed to the faithful for their Solstice candles, struck from the stone that Cambal Malthen had brought back to the city. The cart bearing the fire was drawn by oxen and driven by members of the family. The windows and courtyard columns of the Malréd Manor, built in the late 1260s and early 1270s, would be fretted with symbolic devices, such as lanterns or vases giving off sacred fire, and winged crowns signifying Malréd contacts with the Dúnadan monarch.

The Malréd are happy to trade on this tale of their family origins, and no doubt believe it themselves, although the legend about the gold nuggets and holy fire did not get started until the eleventh century. Some of their early ancestors had almost certainly come from Númenor with Anárion. By the middle of the twelft century they were an outstanding political house and their banners were already prominent on Winter Solstice. Antiquity lent them certain air. The family had long been involved in banking at a high level, maintaining their status as a respectably upper-class and notably wealthy family who derived their money from land holdings in the Thinbar region towards the White Mountains, just north of Minas Anor. First to enter banking on his own was Malréd Erucolindo Malthen. He was originally a junior partner and general manager of a bank in Osgiliath, which treasured the royal tribute brought from Harad.

The Bank of Malréd was founded on March 25, 952, when Erucolindo separated his bank from his patron's, and moved his house from Osgiliath to Minas Anor. He raised 10,000 gold crowns and started his own banking operations. When he died in 1029, his personal fortune was worth around 180,000 crowns. The Bank of Malréd traded in brocade cloth, invested in profitable mining operations and became foremost supporter and financier of the Royal House. During the reign of Narmacil I (1226-1294), Huan Malréd (second of his name) was appointed Steward of the Realm, and the House of Malréd held several key positions in the government of Gondor. The Bank had several branches operating in Calmírië, Pelargir, Osgiliath, Ramlond, Gobel Ancalimon, Tharbad, and Fornost Erain. The Malréd bank in Gobel Ancalimon did especially well in loaning to the local court and, like the Anorian branch, selling luxuries such as jewels and silk cloth. By the 15th century, the Bank of Malréd was most prosperous and most respected institution in Gondor.

Current Malréd assets include mercantile companies based in Pelargir and Lond Ernil, gold mines in Belfalas, major silver mines and quarries in Lamedon and along Ered Nimrais, almost complete domination of the banking scene and the guardianship of the Goldsmith's Fellowship. Their political influence is similary daunting: four seats in the Council of Gondor, three votes in the Conclave of Minas Anor, magistracies of Calmirië, Hyarpendë, Osgiliath, Calembel and Lond Galen, procurators of Anórien and Calenardhon, financial advisors of the Court. Aludor Malréd also represents Anórien in the King's Council. Family fortune is difficult to assess but is estimated to exceed 1,000,000 gold crowns.

Family Tree

Condir Tirbelor Malréd, Lord Malréd. Procurator of Anórien, member of the Council of Gondor.
Condir Aludor Malréd, councillor and Warden of Anórien, member of the Council of Gondor.
Turmahîr Tindiath Malréd, captain of the Second Company of Foot in the Garrison of Minas Anor.
Elwyn †, late wife of Arandur Ecthelion
Condir Umbarto Malréd (sr.) †
Condir Huan Malréd, Curate of Númenorean Law in the King's Cabinet.
Condir Estel Malréd, general manager of the Malréd Bank in Osgiliath (Abad Mallen), member of the Council of Gondor.
Umbarto Malréd (jr.), manager of the Bank of Pelargir.
Lianna Malréd
Sador Malréd
Turion Malréd
Talagan Malréd

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