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Main Characters
Miranda Aranel
Moreinion Eldalótë-Orchaldor
Elanor Eldalótë-Orchaldor
Mordulin Eldalótë-Orchaldor
Ormond Orleghîn
Brandir Seldorien
Uldor Otharin
Katarina Curimardin

"It was in the reign of king Tarondor
that the above-named personages
lived and quarreled; good or bad,
handsome or ugly, rich or poor, they
are all equal now."


Lay of the Dead is a Middle-Earth role-playing project by Sampsa Rydman, set in the waning years of the Kingdom of Gondor. This is the Wiki for the game, including an english Encyclopaedia of Western Middle-Earth in the late 17th century. Due to excessive amounts of spam (40 mb this month), commenting and new user creation has been disabled.



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