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Heren Requain

Heren Requain is the order of knights or list of ennobled persons and families in Gondor. The knight (rochben) has the general meaning of any armed person mounted on a horse, but in this context carries the specific meaning of "noble". It is divided in ranks of peerage. An individual who is not a sovereign nor a peer is calleed commoner. Commoners are further distinguished between citizens (subjects to Númenórean law) and subjects (who are to judged by their own laws).

New members may be raised to the Order, if he or she meets property qualification of 2000 Crowns (40 000 Silver Royals) and testify that three of his or her four grandparents are of undiluted Dúnadan blood. Senior male members of the Order have right to sit in the ruling Great Council of Gondor (Q. Alta Heren, S. Govadan Gondorim). Membership in the Order is either for life or hereditary. The inheritance of and the privileges associated with Heren Requain are regulated by the Council of Gondor, which also advises the monarch on the selection process. A body of privileges belong to the knights, their wives and their unremarried widows, including the right to be tried by fellow peers, the right to carry a long sword (anket) in public and the right to be exempt from civil arrest. It is unlawful to sentence any Rochben to death, even by Royal writ.


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