Heren Requain

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Heren Requain is the order of knights or list of ennobled persons and families in Gondor. The knight (Rochben) has the general meaning of any armed person mounted on a horse, but in this context carries the specific meaning of "noble". It is divided in ranks of peerage. An individual who is not a sovereign nor a peer is called commoner. Commoners are further distinguished between citizens (beneficiaries of Númenórean law) and subjects (who are subject to tribute).

New members may be raised to the Order, if he or she meets yearly income qualification of 2,000 Crowns (40,000 Silver Royals) and testify that three of his or her four grandparents are of undiluted Dúnadan blood. Senior male members of the Order have right to sit in the ruling Great Council of Gondor (Q. Alta Heren, S. Govadan Gondorim). Membership in the Order is either for life or hereditary. The inheritance of and the privileges associated with Heren Requain are regulated by the Council of Gondor, which also advises the monarch on the selection process. A body of privileges belong to the knights, their unmarried children, wives and unremarried widows, including the right to be tried by fellow peers, the right to carry a long sword (anket) in public (male prerogative) and the right to be exempt from civil arrest. It is unlawful to sentence any Rochben to death, even by Royal writ.


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Peers are of four ranks, in descending order of hierarchy:

Hîratar (Count) is the highest rank of Gondorian peerage. He is a major landholder who has received a perpertual right of jurisdiction over his lands in lieu of services rendered to the winged crown. Beginning from the late 17th century, the King routinely appointed the eldest son of a deceased lord to his father's position, and counts became hereditary peers. In Arnor, Hîratars were hereditary feudal vassals from the beginning.

Rheinhîr (Margrave) is a member of the Heren Requain who has been granted jurisdiction over a border area, with obligation to raise and maintain certain number of troops there. The grant is for life, but is hereditary only if renewed by the King. This arrangement came to being in the 17th and 18th century, when the King's ability to personally rule his whole realm declined with his waning resources.

Condir (Squire, Magistrate, Signore). A confusing title, which is used in several differing contexts. As a dignity conferred by the king, it ranks below Rheinhîrs, being the lowest rank in the peerage. Wife of a Condir has the honorific of Hîril (Her Ladyship).

Rochben (Knight) is a male member of an ennobled family or a life peer who has not received nor inherited any of the ranks above.

For peers, the various titles are in the form of (Rank) (Name of Title) or (Rank) of (Name of Title). The name of the title can either be a place-name or a surname. The precise usage depends on the rank of the peerage and on certain other general considerations.

Among peers of same rank, those with the exalted status of herenya (those who were saved from Númenor) take precedence.

Major noble families in Gondor

In alphabetical order, now listing 106 families

Wealth: ● Declining ●● Moderate ●●● Affluent ●●●● Vast ●●●●● Astronomical
Influence: ♣ Meager ♣♣ Asserting ♣♣♣ Influential ♣♣♣♣ Major power ♣♣♣♣♣ Indispensable
Popularity: ♥ Despised ♥♥ Poor ♥♥♥ Respected ♥♥♥♥ Well-thought-of ♥♥♥♥♥ Adored

Herenya, the Exalted

Former lords of Poros River. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Head: Cambal Agarinna
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Minas Anor; Umb Estelwain, Anfalas
Interests: Astrology and history
Values: Faithful

Former lords of Lebennin. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Aludor (Alagdor)
Head: Angon Alagdor
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥
Location: Aludor, South Ithilien; Hyarpendë
Interests: Politics, trade
Values: Loyalist, mercantile

Head: Orvellon Arandal, count of Nindalf
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥
Location: Dallarandil, North Ithilien; Ephel Dúath
Interests: Military, cloth industry, quarries, grain production
Values: Faithful, conformist

Head: Arodion Aranelaith, count of Cair Andros
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: Min-Rimmon, Anórien; Cair Andros, Minas Anor, Pelargir
Interests: Landed wealth, politics
Values: Faithful, conservative

Ascarnil (Asgaril)
Head: Beren Asgaril
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Foothills of Ephel Dúath; Minas Ithil
Interests: Scholarly
Values: Faithful, conservative

Head: Carnam Astirian
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ●●●
Location: Bar Astirian, Doranórien; Minas Anor, Harlond, Osgiliath, Pelargir; horse breeding grounds in Wold, Calenardhon
Interests: The army, landed wealth, horse breeding
Values: Militaristic, loyalist

Head: Norgalad Beleganor, count of Imloth Melui
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Imloth Melui, Lossarnach; Minas Anor
Interests: Military, landed wealth, olive oil business, charity
Values: Faithful, loyalist

Head: Halmir Caranthan
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Dol Caranthan, Anórien; North Ithilien, Osgiliath, Minas Ithil, Pelargir, Minas Anor, Ephel Dúath.
Interests: Clothing industry, landed wealth, transportation, manufacturing
Values: Pragmatist

Corvagin (Coruvegil)
Head: heryn Rûmenna Corvagin (Rhunwen Coruvegil)
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥
Location: Ithilduin Vale, North Ithilien, Minas Ithil, Pelargir
Interests: Scholarly
Values: Faithful, independent.

Head: Boranglim Curadan
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Scattered all over North Ithilien, Belfalas, Ciril and Ringló Vale.
Interests: Landed wealth, hunting, manufacturing
Values: Otherworldly, conservative

Head: Daron Dunmardo
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Dunmardo, Doranórien; Minas Anor
Interests: Scholarly. House Dunmardo dominates the Jeweller's Fellowship in Minas Anor.
Values: Conservative

Eldalótë-Orchaldor (union of Eldalóti and Orchaldori)
Head: Mordulin Orchaldor-Eldalótë
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥♥
Location: Pelargir, Linhir; Lond Eldalótë in Anfalas; Barfalas in Lebennin; Bar Orchaldor in Lebennin
Interests: Wineries, horse breeding, hunting, politics, charity
Values: Conservative, mercantile

Head: Gilvar-Habadan Elemir, count of Emyn Arnen
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Abad Elemir, South Ithilien; Emyn Arnen
Interests: Landed wealth
Values: Faithful, conformist; supporting the King

Head: Tarassar Elena
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Tir Elena, Anórien; Ered Nimrais, Calenardhon, Dor Rhúnen, Minas Anor, Osgiliath.
Interests: Scholarly, landed wealth. Tarassar Elena is also Justice of the High Court and authority in canon and civil law.
Values: Faithful, conservative. Supporting the King.

Head: Curvegil Harnastin
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Calenhad, Doranórien; Calmírië, Calenardhon; vast number of estates in Calenardhon and Dor Rhúnen. Minas Anor.
Interests: The army, cloth industry, grain production, landed wealth
Values: Faithful, militaristic

Harnastin-Celosien (cadet branch of the Harnastin family)
Head: Belechor Harnastin-Celosien
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Minas Brethil, Lebennin
Interests: Military, landed wealth, politics
Values: Faithful, loyalist

Head: Quiacil Herenyand
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Amon Dîn, Anórien; Minas Anor, Osgiliath.
Interests: Scholarly. House Herenyand sponsors both the Scribes' and Sages' Fellowships, as well as Quiacil's position as an Advisor to the King.
Values: Conservative

Former lords of Pelargir, Linhir and Lebennivet. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Head: Tirbelôr Malréd
Wealth: ●●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: Osgiliath and Minas Anor. House Malréd owns gold mines in Belfalas, major silver mines in Lamedon and quarries in along eastern Ered Nimrais. House Malréd also owns the Goldsmith's Fellowship in Minas Anor.
Interests: Banking, mining, trade
Values: Pragmatic, mercantile

Former lords of Lebennin. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Former lords of Lebennin. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Head: Andril Oiomúrë, count of Amon Hen and Ethir Onodlo
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Ethir Onodlo, Anórien; Wold, Calenardhon; Minas Anor
Interests: Scholarly, landed wealth
Values: Loyalist

Otharin (Othnir)
Head: Harvellon Othnir
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥
Location: Barad Othnir, South Ithilien. Lands are ravaged by war.
Interests: Military, sheep grazing, clothing industry
Values: Militaristic

Head: heryn Sondinwë (Thanwen) Rían
Wealth: ●●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Rianbar, South Ithilien; Minas Ithil
Interests: Landed wealth, scholarly pursuits and military careers. Prerogatives of the Ithilean nobility.
Values: Faithful, conservative; supporting the Queen

Head: Restimar Serni
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Tir Serni, Celosien; estates all over Lebennin and Ered Nimrais.
Interests: Landed wealth, wineries. Serni family has a very long tradition of wine industry (Caran Serni is one of the most revered lebennin wines).
Values: Faithful, loyalist; supporting the King.

Head: Porothir Sindbar
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Bar Sindbar, Doranórien; Pinnath Gelin, Minas Anor, Osgiliath. Also giant summer villa in Cair Andros.
Interests: Manufacturing, landed wealth, art, transportation, olive oil and grapes
Values: Faithful, conformist

Head: Drómil Telengaur
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥♥
Location: Telagar, South Ithilien; Anduin Estuary, Hyarpendë, Pelargir.
Interests: Military, horse breeding, olive oil business, landed wealth, politics, befecation
Values: Militaristic, loyalist

Head: Pilimor Telumendil, hîr Emlin
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥
Location: Emlin, Lossarnach; Osgiliath, Minas Anor
Interests: Charity
Values: Faithful

Head: Thorûth Usuluni
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: Emyn Arnen, South Ithilien; Minas Anor
Interests: Landed wealth, politics
Values: Faithful, loyalist

Head: Maegorod Wilwarin
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Osgiliath
Interests: Military, politics
Values: Militaristic

Knightly houses in the Govadan Gondorim

Head: none
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Osgiliath
Interests: Reclaiming their lost properties
Values: Faithful, conformist


Head: Arador, lord Morthond
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Sarn Erech, Mornan; Brown lands, Dor Rhúnen
Interests: Mining industry, military, bureaucracy
Values: Faithful, conformist

Head: Gódhel Brindalin
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: County of Gilrain, Lebennin
Interests: Trade, banking
Values: Faithful, conformist

Calardan (Celerdain)

Head: Meneldil Calimir
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Linhir
Interests: Mercantile
Values: Pragmatic


Head: Amrith Curimardin
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥♥
Location: Tumladen Vale in Lebennin; Pelargir, Osgiliath
Interests: Military, politics, charity.
Values: Opportunistic


Drinbar (Dringnor)
Head: Turjomil Dringnor
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥♥♥
Location: Drinbar, North Ithilien; Brown Lands, Dor Rhúnen; Tirith Nindor, Gelebrin, Romenost
Interests: Landed wealth, horse breeding, grain production, charity. Controls the grain dole in Osgiliath, hence popularity.
Values: Loyalist, mercantile

Head: Argirion Dudhrandir, lord Gilrain
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Gilrain, Lebennin; Tarnost, Dor-en-Ernil
Interests: Agriculture
Values: Conservative


Farin (Faron)
Head: Durgin, Durbil & Durvar Faron
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Anduin estuary, South Ithilien; Minas Ithil, Osgiliath, Hyarpendë
Interests: Trade and transportation. They own the Four Seasons coach line company and several Navy transports.
Values: Conformist, loyalist

Fëantur (Faerdur)
Head: Gundor Faerdur
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: Ithilduin valley, North Ithilien; Minas Ithil, Osgiliath
Interests: Scholarly
Values: Opportunistic


Findarfin (Finnarphen)
Head: Romin Finnarphen
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Dolfin, North Ithilien; Minas Ithil, Osgiliath
Interests: Construction, agriculture
Values: Conservative

Head: Findegil IV Finwarin
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥
Location: Linhir
Interests: Trade
Values: Loyalist, mercantile


Head: Valacar Gilcúdor
Wealth: ;● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Linhir, County of Gilrain, Lebennin
Interests: Agriculture, military
Values: Conservative

Laurelach (Glorlach)

Head: Vilyatil Merhast
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Ráma, Belfalas; Minas Ithil
Interests: Landed wealth, shipping
Values: Conservative


Morthond (house of Gundor)
Former lords of Mornan. Withdrawn to Umbar, erased from the Heren Requain.

Morvegil (of Ithilien)
Head: Túrin Morvegil
Wealth: ●●●● Influence: ♣♣♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Bar Morvegil, South Ithilien; Pelargir, Porosîr, Hyarpendë, Osgiliath.
Interests: Military, horse breeding, eastern caravan trade
Values: Militaristic, mercantile, loyalist

Morvegil (of Lebennin)
Head: Alatar Morvegil
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Gilrain Vale, Lebennin; Linhir, Pelargir.
Interests: Shipping, manufacturing
Values: Conformist, loyalist


Head: Galadhorn Nepos
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: River Poros, South Ithilien
Interests: Olive oil, shipping
Values: Mercantile


Orchaldor (descendants of Pelethanor Orchaldor)
Head: Seregon Orchaldor
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Bar Orchaldor, Lebennin; Pelargir
Interests: Military, olive oil
Values: Conformist

Head: Saradas Rendûlion
Wealth: ● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Township of Rendûl, Lamedon; Morannon
Interests: Upholding the Darkwatch
Values: Faithful, conservative

Sakalthôr (Falassion)

Head: Uithorn Tiridon
Wealth: ●● Influence: ♣♣ Popularity: ♥♥
Location: Emyn Arnen, South Ithilien; Dorwinion; Osgiliath, Romenost, Hyarpendë, Pelargir
Interests: Mercantile, northern caravan trade, wineries
Values: Loyalist


Not members of the Heren Requain, but represented by ostensible partners

Head: Melmidoc Seldorien
Wealth: ●●● Influence: ♣ Popularity: ♥♥♥
Location: Linhir
Interests: Banking, shipping. Bought five-year monopoly on spices
Values: Mercantile

Cursed houses (dishonoured and forever erased)

Castamirioni (descendants of Castamir the Usurper, 20th king of Gondor)
Head: Angamaitë
Location: Umbar, Gobel Mírlond

Aldamiri (exiled descendants of Aldamir, 22th king of Gondor)
Head: Vorommaitë
Location: Gobel Ancalimon

Head: Faltur Marös

Head: Ârukhôr Pellardur

Head: Êruhil an-Ardûmir

Head: Teldûmeir an-Erädas

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