Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh, Gr OB 1 OB 2
Fountain Court Guard 7 95 Pl/18 45 S+10 90bs 100sp
The Guards of the Fountain Court are selected from the very best of the Citadel Guard, swearing to give their lives in the service of the King and to be fearless in combat. They wear winged helmets made of mithril, intricately crafted heavy armour and carry the best weaponry that the armouries of the White City have to offer. Fountain Court Guard is known for its ferocious and blind loyalty to the King. They attend almost all royal ceremonies: four Knights of the Fountain guard the White Tree all times.
Tirrim Aran (Citadel Guard) 6 90 Ch/16 35 S+10 90bs 90cp#
Founded as an order of elite guards answerable only to the king of the southern realm. Only the best warriors that Gondor has to offer are picked to join the Guard, to be clad in their ancient armour and to carry blades of Westernesse and númenorean steel composite bows, heavy with both age and honour. The guardsmen themselves are the very image of the first Men of Núménor to settle the shores of Middle-earth, tall and stern, proud and steady in battle. They protect the lords of Minas Anor and the sacred places of the Mound of Mindolluin with a resolute devotion. In the absence of a king, the guards take their orders from the Steward of Minas Anor, sworn to obey his every command until death claims them. Tirrim Aran is permanently stationed at Minas Anor.
Tower Guard 5 88 Pl/18 40 S+5, A/L 90bs 80pa
Third elite guard company, of somewhat less renown, is the Tower Guard, Tirrim Arandur, dressed in dark hues of purple. They wear black breastplates and banded or lamellar armour over mail hauberks. These ministerial guards are armed with longswords and tall polearms. Their primary function is to provide security to the Steward and to act as his agents in the Realm.
(DA) Line Infantry 5 80 Ch/16 40 S+5, A/L 95ss 75sp
Armoured regiments of foot, mostly dúnedain from Anórien, Ithilien and lower Anduin. Reinforced chain hauberks and breastplates with additional steel vambraces and greaves. Line infantry are armed with shortswords (eket), long spears and tall shields. They are able to withstand almost any enemy charge with equal valor and stubborness.
(DA) Mounted Arhivilyr 4 75 PL/17 40 S+5, A/L 80bs 75sp
Four regiments of mounted soldiers are at King's disposal, ready to follow him to war and act as his bodyguard. They are distinguished by purple cloaks and pointed steel helms. Some of their warhorses have full barding, but most have not. Gondorian mounted infantry is equipped with longswords (anket), bows, spears and kite-shaped shields.
(DA) Mercenary Archers 3 43 Ch/13 0 - 30sc 60cp
Royal Army archer regiments are recruited among logath easterlings and variags of Khand. They use their feared chyan recurved bows to shower their enemies with arrows. These mercanary troops are much disliked by gondorian commoners, but they have proved to be an invaluable asset to gondorian kings in the battlefield. They are issued with gondorian mail and various hand weapons for self-protection. Mercanary variag troops are equally useful in skirmish or scouting duty.
(TC) Line Infantry 3 50 Ch/14 30 S+5, A/L 60ss 55sp
Territorial line regiments of foot are raised from Lebennin, Harondor and Calenardhon to man fortifications, stop raiding parties and reinforce royal armies in times of war. They make use of mail hauberks, steel helmets, round or almond-shaped shields, swords and long spears. Territorial troop dresses vary from province to another. Pictured here is a harondorian swordsman.
(TC) Spearmen 3 40 RL/7 20 S 60sp 50da
Territorial spearmen are not regular troops, but trained part-time soldiers raised among peasants. They train two-three months a year, otherwise they tend their lands. Most have only leather jacks worn over quilted gambesons, but richer landholders might have bought or inherited old-fashioned mail. They are armed with spears, short swords, hunting knives and target shields..
(TC) Mounted Rhivilyr 4 70 Ch/13 20 S 80sp 50ss
Territorial mounted troops are usually recruited among other peoples, especially eothraim and haradrim. They have quilted horse barding, quilted armour worn over either rigid leather lamellar or mail shirts and steel helmets. Horsemen are armed with long spears, short swords, axes and - sometimes - haradan scimitars.
(TC) Skirmishers 3 50 RL/7 20 S 55ss 50sb
Irregular forces like Lamedon Clansmen light regiments of foot (pictured) or Haruze javelinmen are raised in time of war. They are useful in foraging or harrassing enemy supply lines.
Anfalas Archers 4 70 RL/7 5 - 62ha 92lb
Best archers in the realm are the Anfalas Archer Regiments, composed of Langstrand yeomen. These men are armed with yew longbows, hand axes and long daggers hanging from their belts. For their protection poor men of Langstrand wear quilted jacks or reinforced leather armour, if anything.
Militia Archers 3 40 SL/7 5 - 40ha 60sb
Gondorian peasants are obligated by law to practice archery certain times a month. They have only quilted or padded cloth armour and many use farm tools as weapons (mostly hand axes and hunting bows), since bow-making has alarmingly deteriorated after the Plague. Some have old military weapons as family heirlooms.
(DA) Artillerists 4 75 Ch/15 25 S 50ss 70hcb  
Royal artillerists and war technicians operate ballistae and catapults. They have loose trousers beneath the mail hauberk, large leather-covered shields, heavy crossbows and shortswords.
(DA) Naphta Throwers 8 75 RL/12 5 A/L 60fire 62ss  
These specialist soldiers use Naurnen, the dreaded númenorean fire, as rudimentary hand grenades. Effect as +0 fireball.
( FE) Heavy Cavalry 5 80 Ch/16 25 S, A/L 84ml 65bs
Best of the éothraim federates form the heavy cavalry wings of the royal armies. Most have excellent quality dwarven-steel mail hauberks with integral coifs and aventails, conical helmets, heavy warhorses with quilted or lamellar barding, lances, kite-shaped shields and heavy, slashing swords.
(FE) Light Cavalry 2 35 RL/9 20 S 40ja 50sb
Asdriag light horsemen are recruited as mercanaries to serve in Dor Rhûnen, and sometimes in Harondor. They are extremely fast riders and adept skirmishers, armed with three to five javelins, short recurved bows and long curved knives.
City Wardens 2 30 SL/5 0 S 35cl/ss 20pa
Pelargir Wardens and other urban militias are funded by local guilds but usually armed from state factories, at least in the big cities along Anduin river. The same men who defend their homes against corsair depredations are known to occasionally revolt against their lords, or take law in their own hands. They are armed with short swords, kite-shaped shields and long polearms.

Notes: DA = Dagarim Aran, King's Corps. TC = Territorial Corps. FE = Federates. Some of them are independent tribal forces bribed, coerced or negotiated to serve the winged crown. Others are mercenaries, attracted to gondorian silver.

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