Gondorian military ranks

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Sindarin Explanation Equivalent Sindarin Explanation Equivalent
Bennêth Untrained soldier, recruit. Recruit A raw recruit, also called a landsman. Youngman
Swordman, spearman, skirmisher, Non-professional soldier belonging to the Territorial Corps.
Private A seaman with between one and two years' experience at sea. Deckhand
Ohtar Professional soldier, sergeant. Lance-Corporal   A seaman with more than two years' experience at sea. An able seaman received about 25% higher pay than an ordinary seaman. Able seaman
Rochben Professional cavalryman, man-at-arms or knight.
Methîr Veteran soldier, deputy squad leader (corporal). Corporal
Methîr iaur Veteran soldier after 20 years of duty, squad leader (corporal). Carry a dagger as a sign of their rank. Sergeant
Junior Officers
  Special professionals whose expertise and authority demands formal recognition: Artillerist, Smith, Victualist, Equerry, Fletcher, Master Cook   Special professionals whose expertise and authority demands formal recognition: The Surgeon, the Purser, The Carpenter, the Boatswain, Master-at-Arms. Warrant Officer
Rochben iaur Cornet or Corporal of Horse, lowest grade of commissioned officer in a cavalry troop, commander of a cavalry winglet (10-40 men). Bought commission costs 46–55 crowns. Cornet, 2nd Lieutenant A subordinate officer, appointed by warrant. Midshipman
  Company Quartermaster, officer in a company responsible for supply, provisions and general administration. Master Sergeant or 2nd Lieutenant      
Turmahîr Captain of a company (150-300 men). Bought commission costs 65–210 crowns. In many cases a professional soldier called lieutenant (deputy to captain) is hired to do the actual commanding. Lieutenant or Captain Junior commissioned officer, carrier of the ensign flag. Ensign
Rochben erui "First knight" or Knight Banneret, leader of cavalry squadron (100-300 men) under his own banner. Captain Ranked according to their seniority, with the senior being the First Lieutenant of "Number One" and second-in-command. Lieutenant
Senior Officers
Quartermaster Major, regimental administrative and executive officer, usually appointed by warrant. Major Dromundhîr Galley-Captain, commander of an oared vessel. Commander
Autherdir Regimental commander (500-2000 men). Bought commission costs 197–394 crowns. Colonel Caironhîr Carrack-Captain, commander of a cairon or a gaervinas. Post Captain
Condir Captain-Colonel, commander of a cavalry regiment, irregularies, auxiliaries or special forces. Brigadier Aerhîr Lord-Captain, commander of a naval squadron. Flag-Admiral
High Command
  Master of Ordinance Quastermaster General      
Herdir Vagorim Master of Infantry Major General Aerhîr Lord-Captain, commander of the naval rearguard. Rear Admiral
Herdir Roechbin Master of Cavalry Liutenant General Aerhîr Lord-Captain, commander of the naval vanguard. Vice Admiral
  Captain-General of Gondor Field Marshall Berthîr Ceiriath Captain of the Ships Admiral of the Fleet
Berthir Dagarim Captain of the Hosts Commander-in-chief  

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