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Kingdom of Gondor

Political map of Gondor in the 12th century

Political map of Gondor in the late 17th century
A Dúnedain kingdom founded by Isildur and Anárion, the sons of Elendil, after the Downfall of Númenor. Its sister kingdom was Arnor in the north, which was founded by Elendil himself. Gondor was located to the west of Mordor, on the Bay of Belfalas. Its name means "Land of Stone", from Sindarin gond (stone) + (n)dor (land), most likely given to it because of the Ered Nimrais and other mountain chains in the land. A hypothetical Quenya equivalent was Ondonórë. Gondor and Arnor were known as the Realms of Exile among Dúnedain.


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Minastir, son of Minastan, was born in III 1577. He succeeded his uncle, King Telemnar, who died in the Great Plague of III 1636. He came to the throne when he was still relatively young and was crowned as King Tarondor. War and plague tortured his country, and Tarondor strove to rebuild it and its power. The most significant event in his reign was the removal of the capital from Osgiliath to Minas Anor, where he also replanted the White Tree after the previous tree had died in the plague.


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Steward (Arandur) is the traditional title of a chief counsellor to one of the Kings of Gondor. Although initially the position was largely an
honorary one, over time it grew in importance until its holder became one of the most powerful men of the kingdom. The office of Arandur first came into existence during the reign of King Rómendacil I. After the Stewardship of Húrin of Emyn Arnen the office was filled solely by his heirs. Arandur presides over King's Government and its many branches. He has his own guard (The Tower Guard).

Dior Húrinion was made Steward by late King Telemnar. He was instrumental in the ascension of King Tarondor and his education into kingship. He is married with lady Galenil Serni, with four children: Ecthelion (1578-1755), Egalmoth (1582-1748), Eirien and Emelin. One grandson Maratar (1609-1770) is married with princess Uhtwomavi of Eothraim.


Ernil Vinyaran Minardilion (1547- ) is younger half-brother of late King Telemnar, son of Minardil and Almarien Aranelaith. former Captain-General of Gondor, Captain of the Hosts (Berthîr Dagarim), condir of Osgiliath, uncle of king Tarondor. Formerly married in his youth with lady Emeldir (died 1635 in Plague) with one son, Mindacil. Vinyaran is still aching for his one-time lover Melabrian, the Queen Mother. He was captured by rebel forces after the disaster at the Battle of Gobel Ancalimon (1652) and returned to Gondor after the treaty of Barad Morvegil. He was reinstated as the Captain of the Hosts in 1660. He has twice declined the winged crown.


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Herdir Elenaerion (1597- ), Captain of the Ships (Berthîr ceiriath), is an extremely able Gondorian official, royal plenipotentiary and finally Captain of the Ships and president of the Navy Board from 1639 to 1671, succeeding Prince-Admiral Marmacil (1614-1634), Brego Bassoneth-Celosien (1634-1635) and count Beregond Wilwarin (1636-1639). He is the son of a Belguinarite and had himself performed lamentations in the Ceremony of Departure at Fen Hollin, when prince Marmacil was laid to rest. He is a favorite of king Tarondor.

Arandur Dior Húrinion Usuluni
Steward Dior Húrinion


King's Steward

Arandur Dior Húrinion, lord of Emyn Arnen (early reign of Tarondor)
Arandur Ecthelion, lord of Emyn Arnen (late reign of Tarondor)

Lord High Chancellor

Vergorion of Pinnath Gelin, keeper of the Privy Seal, master of the Office of Decrees. Skilled orator and administrator, utterly humourless and hates social events. Hobbies include antiquities, numismatics and sherry.

Lord High Treasurer

Irhalmir, master of Rents and Taxes, master of the Office of Bursary, chairman of the Cabinet College, procurator of Anórien. One of the noveaux-riches in Gondor. Very prejudiced, dislikes all foreigners. Ambitious man with a former military career.

Lord High Justice

Coriayan Falassion (until 1663), highest judicial expert in the realm. Scion of a highly eccentric noble family from Anfalas. Grand Dragon (Lókëtar) of an underground magical society, murdered in 1663.
Tarassar Elena (from 1663), 31th Lord Elena.

Curate of Númenórean Law

Tarassar Elena (until 1663)
Huan Malréd (from 1663)

Curate of Common Law

Telwachim Valamorna

Cabinet Councellors

Belatar Araglas, Lord of Angrenost. Former Captain of the Hosts.
Mírien, Queen of Gondor (1646-1650)
Thanwen Rian (until 1662), countess and 37th Lady of Rian, councilor of Ithilien. One of the staunchest opponents of Tarondor.
Oleg Alagdor (from 1662), councilor of Ithilien.
Restimar Serni, 33th Lord Serni, councilor of Lebennin. "The Old Fart" has represented Lebennin in the Cabinet for four decades.
Alúdor Malréd, councilor of Anórien. Son of Tirbelôr Malréd, possibly the richest man in the world. Obese and utterly corrupt.
Falmathil na-Tyliand, councilor of Belfalas, effeminate man with nasty habits.
Dostir Maldring, councilor of Anfalas, condir of Haerlond and King's Spymaster. Much information passes through the hands of this unobrtusive courtier. Dostir's only known attribute is his bumbling but acrimonious ineptitude with women.
Borlas Ethring, councilor of Lamedon
Pilindur Harnastin, councilor of Calenardhon, brother of Belegdur, condir of Onodrith.
Merveleg Barandor, councilor of Morthond, cousin of Prince Arador of Morthond.


Melabrian Aranelaith, Queen Mother
Cambal Agarinna, Court Astrologer
Earbaldol, Court Scholar and former Astrologer, entrusted with the education of the prince Ereinion and prince Elatar.
Othirhan, Court Chamberlain. Very much Vinyaran's man, has an uncanny ability to organize and keep abreast of everyone around him. Former senior captain in the army for thirty years. Vinyaran's ears and eyes in the Court.
Emelduin, Court Physician. A woman of no special birth or rank.
Romer Targilion, King's Herald, master of the Office of Estates.
Beor Caranthan, Warden of the Post


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Table of organisation


Ernil Belatar Araglas (1523- )
Prince of Orthanc, former marshal of Gondor (Herdir roecbhin Aran), former Captain of the Hosts, former commander of the royal field army group in the East. Venerable and stiff-necked man, eldest in the house of Anárion, plagued by arthritis and sciatica, and one of the few relatives Tarondor thought he can really trust. His position as the supreme commander in the East is important to the royal house. His mother Boromís was granddaugther of king Aldamir. Belatar's wife and six children died in the Plague. He was selected as the figurehead of the 1664-1665 rebellion and self-styled "King of Enedwaith".

Callo Telengaur
General and Master of infantry (Herdir vagorim Aran), Commander of the royal field army group in Ithilien. Lavish monetary support has secured the post of Field army commander to the house Telengaur, prominent Ithilien aristocratic family. He was chosen more because of his connections than his actual skills, but during the Fifteen Year's War he emerged as one of the most loyal military leaders in Gondor.

Autherdir, commander of the eothraim. Highest of the non-dúnedain military leaders. Sigisfrith dresses and acts like a gondorian, but his blond hair, moustache and crisp manners betray him as a northman. Eldacar's successors have relied on all-northman bodyguard in stead of traditional aristocratic household. He defeated Sangahyandion twice in battles of Ithilduin and Methir; in 1664 he rebelled against Tarondor and was later executed.


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To the resentment of the aristocratic league, Eldacar's successors have maintained a meritocratic system of promotion in the military establishment, leading to a high proportion of men of humble origin. They - among few Kings relatives - have proved to be more trustworthy than the old aristocratic class, who might have family ties to Harondor and beyond.
Captain-General of Gondor Gildor Astirian, commander of the field army
Master of Cavalry Ardaric, army in Rhûn (Dagorwaith Rhúnen). Captain of the Federates and one of the Eothraim kings.
Master of Cavalry Anardil Araglas, army in Calenardhon (Dagorwaith Annui).

Master of Infantry Callo Telagar, army of Ithilien (Dagorwaith Nethren).
Master of Infantry Bregor Badhor, territorial corps of Harondor.
Master of Infantry Húrin Orchaldor, territorial corps of Lebennin.
Master of Infantry Hunthor Falmathil, territorial corps of Anfalas.
Condir Curvegil Rúthion (count of Parth Feren) commander of the royal bodyguard. Tall, dark, slim and handsome captain Rúthion is the foremost fencing champion of the realm, as well as Tarondor's childhood friend. His origins are a mystery, but it is said his father was a dispossessed nobleman, victim of Hyarmendacil II's proscriptions.
Condir Hardang Seldorien, commander of the Linhir regiment of horse.
Condir Estel Beleganor, commander of the Haruze auxiliaries.
Condir Radagast, commander of the Queen’s Guard.
Autherdir Curvegil Harnastin (count of Calenhad, Lord Harnastin), commander of the Anor Garrison.
Autherdir Andril Badhor, commander of the Ithil Garrison.
Autherdir Gildor Amandur Wilwarin, commander of the Osgiliath Garrison.
Autherdir Ulraed Curimardin, commander of the Pelargir Garison.
Autherdir Námotur Usuluni, commander of the Royal Engineers. Brave and brilliant artillerist who has lost a leg in a catapult mishap.
Autherdir Menelmacar (Prince Ereinion), commander of the Andrast Garrison.
Autherdir Gelmir, commander of the Lamedon Regiment.
Autherdir Harmadil Harnastin-Celosien, commander of the Royal Marines.



Captain of the Ships Elenaerion (1639-1671), Admiral of the Fleet. (“Sable ensign, anchor, seven stars, winged crown”)
Vice-Admiral of the Belfalas Squadron Marahil Tarmasundar (”White ensign, anchor, three stars”)
Rear-Admiral of the Pelargir Squadron Urthel Morvegil (”Blue ensign, anchor, two stars”)
Flag-Admiral of the Pelargir Squadron Findamir Rian (“Blue ensign, anchor, one star”)
Flag-Admiral of the Linhir Squadron Tarlanc Amaltar-Roval (“White ensign, anchor, one star”)
Flag-Admiral of the Anfalas Squadron Filimo Golasgil (“Azure ensign, anchor, one star”)
Flag-Admiral of the Ethir-Gwathló Erebon Calimiri (“Azure ensign, anchor, one star”)
General (Herdir) of the Coastal Navy Nimroch Elendurion (“Blue ensign, white tree, seven stars”)



Warden Tuan Barandor
Tuan Barandor, Warden of Ithilien



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