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Gondorian Army and Navy in 1652-1675

1640-1653 Vinyaran Minardilion
1654-1663 Belatar
1663-1678 Vinyaran Minardilion
1679-1701 Egalmoth of Emyn Arnen
1702- Minadir Mindacilion
  • Captain-General of Gondor
    • Masters of Cavalry (Herdir roechbin)
    • Masters of Infantry (Herdir vagorim)
    • Captain of the Federates
  • Captain of the Ships (Berthir ceiriath)
    • Lord-Captains of Gondor
    • fdfd

Direct subordinates: Marshals and Generals of Gondor (Herdir roechbin, Herdir vagorim), Captain of the Federates (Rochir), Captain of the Ships

Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces: Vinyaran Minardilion, Captain-General of Gondor, Captain of the Hosts (Berthîr i Dagarim)
Commander-In-Chief of the Navy: Elenaerion, Lord High Admiral, Captain of the Ships (Berthîr i Ceiriath). President of the Navy Board.
Direct subordinates: Lord-Captains or Flag Admirals of Gondor

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