Flag of Gondor

Land of Gondor

"I hearby do swear fealty and service to Gondor and to the Righteous King of the Realm: To speak and to be silent. To do and to let be. To come and to go, in need or plenty, in peace or war, in living or dying until my lord release me, death take me or the world end."

Gondorian oath of fealty


"Most famous of the Dúnedain are the men of Gondor, whose rule extends over all lands west of the Sea of Rhûn and south of river Gwathló, and whose two white towers - Cities of Sun and Moon, are known across all of Middle Earth. And yet, the years have taken their toll on the Gondorian people: we now see them divided, with a shattered nobility..."

These articles are intended for fanfiction and roleplaying purposes; they portray the later Kingdom of Gondor after the Kin-strife, circa III 1450-1850.

Gondor Principality of Belfalas Lebennin AnórienIthilien
Anfalas Calenardhon Harondor Lamedon Dor 'Wathui
Mornan Dor Rhûnen Tolfalas

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