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Dor Wathui

Dor Wathui

Dor 'Wathui is a military territory of Gondor. The boundaries of the Dor 'Wathui ("Land of the Gwathuirim, the shadow-dwellers") are defined in the north by the rivers Gwathló and Glanduin, to the east by the Hithaeglir, and to the west by Belegaer. The southern border is less clear, but was probably formed by the Old Pûkel-land, where "fairly numerous but barbarous fisher-folk" lives. Dor Wathui is also called Enedwaith, "the middle folk", because the populace historically lived between kingdoms of Dúnedain, Arnor and Gondor. Natives of Dor Wathui are called gwathuirim, men of shadow.


During the First and early Second Age Enedwaith was deeply forested, but the arrival of the timber-hungry Númenóreans, from the seventh century of the Second Age onwards, devastated the landscape.

The Gwathuirim themselves "were forest dwellers, scattered communities without central leadership." They were distantly related to the Haladin of old, but this wasn't recognized in time by Númenóreans, who were mainly descended from the First and Third Houses of the Edain, and therefore spoke a language which was not related. In Gondorian parlance they were not ranked in as "Middle Men", friends and distant kinsmen, but as "people of darkness", enemies and aliens, incapable of sustaining high culture and unworthy to be anything but tributary vassals of Gondor.

After 3320 II, Dor 'Wathui formed the most northern part of the new Kingdom of Gondor, at least officially. The south-east was still "well-wooded", but elsewhere Enedwaith was by this time "mostly grassland." Gondor and Arnor were both responsible to maintaining the road between Tharbad and Ehtraid Angren. Following the Great Plague in T.A. 1636 however, Arnor's authority permanently lapsed throughout the region. Only Gondorian garrisons remained, and their situation became more precarious every year.


Name Type Location Allegiance Notes
Lond Angren City Mouths of Angren Canotar of Enedwaith Population of 6,000 – 10,000
Ostiras Township Enedhîr Condir of Ostiras Population of 2,000
Bad Adorn Township Angren Condir of Bad Adorn Population of 1,000
Derwath Township Westmarch Margrave of Westmarch Independent township, founded in 1400 III.

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