Tirith Dúath
Crest of the Darkwatch

Tirith Dúath

The Darkwatch (Tirith Dúath or Tirith Dûr) is a sovereign military order dedicated to defend the realms of Men from the creatures of Sauron. Also known as Watch over Mordor, it was incorporated after the War of the Last Alliance and fall of Sauron's realm. After his defeat the Barad-dûr was levelled and great fortresses were built at the entrances to Mordor to prevent Sauron's return. For over a thousand years, Mordor was guarded by Gondor and remained desolate, although the watch was lessened somewhat during the Ship-Kings and almost totally abandoned after the Kin-strife and Great Plague. The severely reduced Darkwatch of the 17th century has been struggling to maintain even a few of the ancient fortifications.

After the sacred duty was chartered to House Rendûl in III 1486, heads of this House have been also Lord-Captains of the Darkwatch. Difficulties in obtaining a number of suitable recruits turned the Watch into a practical penal colony, filled with petty criminals, political exiles and vanquished nobility. Although their numbers are dwindling, the core of the Watch is still composed of capable and dedicated men of the Faithful extraction. These men now serve the Realm of Gondor by protecting caravans which carry important luxury goods from Khand, Chey and Palisor via the overland route.

The Darkwatch has nine castles all around the mountains of Mordor. Currently, the Watch is able to maintain only four of them, in the north-western corner of Mordor. Reports of orcs, trolls and other beasts are increasing, and recently many caravans have failed to arrive at Morannon.


Name Type Location Allegiance Notes
Carchost Tower and gate Morannon Lord-Captain of the Darkwatch  
Narchost Tower and gate Morannon House Rendûl  
Durthang Castle and settlement Udûn Lord of Udûn  
Carach Angren Castle, wall and ditch Udûn Captain of Carach Angren  
Cirith Ungol Tower Morgai Captain of Cirith Ungol Formerly garrisoned by Wardens of the Watch, now by provincial forces rotated from Minas Ithil.
Barad Wath Castle Gorgoroth Captain of Perth Ulmyn  
Barad Nurn Castle and settlement Gorgoroth Captain of Nurn  
Minas Dûrlith Castle and settlement Gorgoroth Lord of Dûrlith  
Bar Lithryn Mining village Ered Lithui Lord of Dûrlith  
(Castles in bold currently occupied)


Lord Udûn, Steward for the Black Gate
288 Wardens, 146 Rangers
Lord Dûrlith, Steward for the Ash Mountains
32 Wardens, 48 Rangers
Captain of Cirith Ungol (Now part of the Ithilien Territorial Corps)
92 Line Infantry, 6 Rangers
28 Servants
Captain of Perth Ulmyn
Captain of Carach Angren
Captain of Dûrlith
Captain of Nurn

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