House Curimardin
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House Curimardin
"What We Build, Endures Forever"


The Curimardin hail from the valleys and mountains of western Lebennin, where they had been enaged for centuries in the profitable trades of masonry and carpentry. They were ennobled after the Kin-Strife by King Eldacar, in order to replenish the depopulated ranks of the Lebennin gentry who had previously sided with Castamir the Usurper. Unlike most post-civil war additions to Heren Requain, the Curimardin did not earn the peerage by partaking in Eldacar's military campaigns, but by providing funds and much needed support in the local town councils. The Curimardin became enforcers of the King's justice, and took active part in the political purges that followed Eldacar's victory. In lieu of his services Cambal Curimardin, the first lord of his house, received the lands and estates formerly belonging to the exalted house Númendur, which had narrowly escaped to Umbar.

In only three generations the family has managed to multiply its wealth by rapacious land-grabbing, and their fortune is still growing. The Curimardin lands are a chequerboard of little mansions covering most of Lebennin, with the notable exception of Tumladen valley, which has been enfeoffed in whole to the House. They have received high favours from both the King and the Steward. The Steward appreciates their unscrupulous loyalty and talent to get things done; King is pleased to know that their Dúnadan lineage is less than pure. The Curimardin have also been wise enough not to step on to the shoes of the Herenya.

The title of Lord Curimardin and Lord of Tumladen has seldom been handed down from father to son. Oroburam Curimardin, third lord of Tumladen, had no family, and the title and estate passed to his nephew, Ohtar. But Ohtar himself had no male issue, so he adopted the children of his widowed sister, Morvran. When the spouses of his daughters died in the Plague, Ohtar adopted their children as well, and the Lordship was ultimately inherited by his grandson Arahil.

Family Tree

Hîratar Cambal Curimardin †, 1st Lord of Tumladen
Hîratar Aradur Curimardin †, 2nd Lord of Tumladen
Olossë Curimardin
Hîratar Oroburam Curimardin †, 3rd Lord of Tumladen
Condir Oropher Curimardin †, member of the Council of Gondor
Hîratar Ohtar Curimardin †, 4th Lord of Tumladen
Uldor Othnir
Hîratar Arahil Curimardin, 5th Lord of Tumladen
Idril Curimardin, heiress
Catarina Curimardin, widowed countess
Morvran Curimardin † (= Pelendur Dior)
Autherdir Ulraed Curimardin, commander of the Pelargir Garrison
Condir Amrith Curimardin (= Rophirë Faerdur), member of the Council of Gondor
Cosimo Curimardin, lieutenant of the Tower Guard
Caliondo Curimardin
Celinde Curimardin
Firiel Curimardin
Condir Oradan Curimardin †, member of the Council of Gondor
Condir Ingaréd Curimardin † (= Nellas Faerdur), member of the Council of Gondor
Autherdir Isilmo Curimardin, captain of the Tower Guard (= Emelin Usuluni)
Isilmë Curimardin
Isildur Curimardin

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