Côr Morchaint, the Circle of Shadows
Morëinion Eldalótë-Orchaldor, boss of the bosses
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Leaders of the post-plague crime families (1640-1653)
Pelendur Dior, master of the Old Harbour
Berengar Luindol, master of Gobel Eärnil
Sigmund Malrach, master of Gobel Ciryaher
Sereg Ithilorn, master of Stockmorton
Angwil, master of the Guild Quarter
Andróg, master of Enta Sirith
Mereth, mistress of Dunhill
Tambaro, master of the Watch-Town
Hermengild, mistress of the Nort-East Quarter

Côr Morchaint

The Côr Morchaint is a mafia-like secret society and criminal organisation, originating in the region of Lebennin and the city of Pelargir in Gondor. It finances itself through monopoly trade, prostitution, smuggling, money-laundering and blackmail.


The Côr Morchaint is said by some authoritative sources to have originated with the Côr Aran, a secret police and band of informers established by king Castamir the Usurper (1437-1447) and based in Pelargir. After the demise of the Traditionalist cause it was first founded as a cabal of disgruntled Lebennin noblemen, but soon developed into an organized criminal enterprise. The Côr Morchaint was at its height in the 16th century, when ruthless nobleman Túrin Orchaldor was appointed the condir of Pelargir. He found the organisation most useful to him, and instead of eradicating it, he took gradually took over and turned it into a family affair. With Orchaldori dynasty steady at helm, the Côr Morchaint became a vast, tentacular network of mercantile, political and criminal interests aimed at mutual benefit. At the time when King's northern lackeys were little trusted in Lebennin, Côr Morchaint became colloquially known as the "Our Cause" in Pelargir.

The power of the Côr Morchaint lies in the vows of total obedience and silence (Dîn) it demands from all its sworn members. There are several grades, mocking the more established hierarchies of the trade guilds: Associate (not a sworn member, but a friend with whom one can make business), Journeyman (a sworn member), Blockwarden (a boss who co-ordinates ground-level activities) and Master (Hîr, head of a crime family or enterprise). According to some, the whole Circle is presided by the Shadow, a man only seen with a black mask and rumoured of being a wizard. The chain of command is organized in a pyramid similar to a military or corporate structure.


Black market trafficking

Gang Wars (1660-1664)

Five Families

Sereg Ithilorn, head of the Ithilorn crime family and boss of bosses
Banuir of the Bridge, second
Sigmund Malrach, head of the Malrach crime family and master of Gobel Ciryaher
Herundil Tarma, master of the Guild Quarter
"Fatman" Pengolo, second
Pigenor Tarma, head of the olive oil trade
Roderic Minheneb (One-eyed) of the Hithlain crime family, master of the Old Harbour.
Andróg (the Butcher) of the Ecthel crime family, master of the Enta Sirith area.

Loyal Families

Mereth, mistress of Wagontown-Dol Gwathuirim area.
Berengar Luindol, master of Kingston (Gobel Eärnil) and head of the banking operations.
Ada Laurelach, second
Paladin Laurelach, head of the Laurelach crime family.
Beleg Luindol, second
Tambaro (the Undertaker), master of the North Quarter.
Andril Roccondil, master of the North-East Quarter and the Shantytown.

After the Night of the Long Knives

Paladin Laurelach, head of the Laurelach crime family, operates mainly in the Neldelendin district
Berengar Luindol, head of the Luindol crime family, master of Gobel Eärnil, banking, international trade and gambling
Beleg Luindol, master of Gobel Ciryaher
Herundil Tarma, head of the Tarma crime family in the Guild district, labour and construction racketeering, building, loansharking
Pigenor Tarma, master of of the Old Harbour and olive oil magnate
Sereg Ithilorn, master of Enta Sirith, member of the Council of Gondor
Mereth, mistress of Dol Gwathuirim and the Baths


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