House Caranthan
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House Caranthan
"In Harmony Small Things Grow"


Forefathers of the House Caranthan (S. “Red Shield”) were once exalted bannermen of Isildur, living in the northern Ephel Dúath and foothills Forithilien. Unhappy with their lot, these former soldiers turned out to be astute businessmen. During the eleventh century they made a fortune with well-placed weddings, land-grabbing, transportation business, banking and supplying cloth for Gondorian army. The House has grown ever since and current family possessions include clothing industries around Minas Ithil, Minas Anor and Osgiliath, linen fields in Ithilien, many townhouses in all cities, immense corn fields in Anórien, flat-bottom grain barges, warehouses, banks and mills.

Liveries of Gondor's armies are now exclusively made in the giant textiles mills of the House Caranthan. They are rivals with the Malréd in banking, though lacking their immense capital reserves, and sponsor several merchantmen and independent (limited liability) trade companies in Pelargir. House Caranthan prides itself in its rustic and pragmatic, if somewhat boorish, character. They are exceptional among the Exalted for their unabashed fertility, common law marriages with women of no Númenorean blood, and their auburn hair and green eyes, which are otherwise uncommon among the Dúnedain.

House Caranthan maintain a whopping nine seats in the Council of Gondor (8 Anórien, 1 in Ithilien), magistracies in Minas Ithil and Osgiliath, and complete control over a number of trade associations, like Livery Companies of Hyarpendë and Weavers' Guild.

Current seat of the House is Dol Caranthan in the west bank of Anduin, north of Cair Andros.

Family Tree

Hador Caranthan
Aratar herenya Halmir Caranthan, exalted member of the Council of Gondor, Lord Caranthan, Lord of Gaer
Beor Caranthan, Former Warden of the Post, Deputy Master of Rents & Taxes, Vice-Treasurer of the Realm
Írien Caranthan, grand mistress of the Weavers' Guild in Minas Ithil

Hîr Parvon Caranthan, margrave of Durthang and captain in the Darkwatch
Hîr Haldir Caranthan, Lord of Thamas Tawaren
Condir Haldamir Caranthan, Master of Ordinances
Condir Halbarad Caranthan, Master Supplier
Condir Calendir Caranthan, Master of Dol Caranthan
Condir Huon Caranthan, Banking Master
Hirvund Caranthan of Gaer, "The Bull". Roechbin (knight) in the Royal Army.

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