Battle of Angren
Part of the Third Corsair War (1652-1666)
Date September ?–? 1665 (Ivanneth ?–?)
Location Mouths of Isen, Lond Angren
Result ?
 Gondor  Rebels
Aerhîr Ormond Raudfêrn
Autherdir Ulraed Curimardin
Captain Luco Nepos
Captain Alassar Abad-Eithel
Autherdir Gildor Trenas
Captain Cavallo Estel
King Gormadoc of Maolrunaidh
3 carracks (Nimgaur, Sulinwë, Ar-Feiniel)
1 brigantine (Ruscangol)
3 smaller vessels (Morcaithras, Hithuiel, Blackbird)
8 transports

626 marines
700 infantry
30 cavalry
4 smaller vessels (Menellos, Glothrand, Genediad, Bronwe)
15 boats

600 infantry
100 cavalry
1000 militia

Battle of Angren

Gondor had mounted a series of "descents" (amphibious demonstrations or raids) earlier with its new Coastal Fleet, in support of full-blown land operations. On 8 September 1664 a joint expedition was sent to overrun the haradan town of Kas Shafra. On 23 September, Ithilgonnost was taken, but due to dithering by military staff such time was lost that Kas Shafra became unassailable, and the expedition abandoned Ithilgonnost and returned to Gondor on 1 October. Despite the operational failure and debated strategic success of the descent on Kas Shafra, Captain of the Ships and Steward Dior of Emyn Arnen – who saw purpose in this type of asymmetric enterprise – prepared to continue such operations.

An army was assembled under the command of Ulraed Curimardin, future lord of Tumladen; he was aided by hîr Gwindor Falathar. The contracted naval escorts for the expedition were commanded by aerhîr (temporary and supernumerary) Ormond Raudfêrn, Luco Nepos and Alassar Abad-Eithel.


NIMGAUR105' CarrackOrmond Raudfêrn1202x2 heavy ballistae, 4x light ballistae
SULINWË115' CarrackLuco Nepos1302x heavy ballistae
AR-FEINIEL100’ CarrackAlassar Abad-Eithel1201 heavy ballista, 2x light ballistae
RUSCANGOL98’ BrigantineTurjomil Sadron904x light ballistae
MORCAITHRAS90’ ShebekTurumir70
HITHUIEL75’ CelfalasGaerdil24
AEVORN70’ CairuilAngelimar22

HÎR EREDIONCelfalasMacar150 tons75 royal marines
HÎRIL GILWENCelfalasHallatan125 tonssupplies
HÎRIL LINNIUECelfalasPeregrin Bailo150 tons75 royal marines
LAEGWENCelfalasTulco Nepos200 tons100 footsoldiers
RAMDALCairbanga 350 tons200 footsoldiers
LADROSCairbanga 350 tons200 footsoldiers
EREBORCairbanga 400 tons200 footsoldiers
MINDOLLUINCairbanga 400 tons100 horses, 30 knights

Raiding force (autherdir Ulraed Curimardin)


MENELLOSCelbarBelegorn100 tons?
GLORTHANDCelbarDerufin100 tons?
GENEDIADCairuilCavallo Estel50 tons?
BRONWECairuilElmar35 tons?

At Isenmouthe, or whereabouts
At Lond Angren (autherdir Gildor Trenas)

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