House Astirian
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House Astirian
”Ever Watchful”


Astirian is one of the noble houses in Anórien. Lords of Astirian are counted among the Herenya (Exalted), families who escaped the destruction of Númenor and came to Middle-Earth with Isildur and Anárion. According to a slightly different family history, founder of the House was a man called Arthirion, a Faithful lord who had left Númenor well before the downfall and dwelt in Lindon. His sons fought with Elendil during the War of the Last Alliance and decided to stay in Gondor, where they were granted lands in Entyn-i-Onodlo. Why they were counted among the bannermen of Anárion remains unknown.

It is recorded in the Chronicle of Gondor that forty years after the Disaster at Gladden Fields, Abâruzîr Astirian led a force of 20,000 troops northwards into the country known by the Gondorians as Calenardhon, subduing local tribes, laying roads and building fortifications as they went. During the Kin-Stife, House Astirian sided with Eldacar and was of paramount importance to his succesful return from exile. Daughter of the erstwhile Lord, Aerinel Astirian, was subsequently betrothed to King Eldacar.

Astiriani are one of the most influential Houses in Anórien, second in prestige only to the House Malréd. They dwell in a towering palace on the sixth level of Minas Anor. They have immensly fertile estates around Bar Astirian and Min-Rimmon, houses and extensive properties in Harlond, Osgiliath and Pelargir, and horse breeding grounds in Wold. They are also famous for their excellent sighthounds, which are sought-after by all enthusiasts of the hunt.

They hold seven seats in the Govadan Gondorim. Current head of the family, Carnam, is also a Nominee to Conclave in Minas Anor.

Family Tree

Aratar herenya Carnam Astirian, exalted member of the Council of Gondor, count of Astirian
Anarond Astirian, captain of the 3rd company in the Anor Guards Regiment of Foot (1st Anórien)
Acerinza Astirian = Curvegil Harnastin
(six children)
Hîr Turlam Astirian †
Rheinhîr Durandir Astirian, former herdir roechbin and commander of the army in Rhûn, now commander of the 4th Anórien Regiment of Foot
Condir Bregor Astirian, former Captain of the Hosts
Hîr Gildor Astirian, Captain of Gondor, commander of the field army.
Halbarad Astirian, cornet in the Company of the White Tree

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