House Asgaril
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House Asgaril
”Like A Rushing Star”


Asgaril is one of the noble houses in Ithilien. Lords of Asgaril are counted among the Herenya (Exalted), families who escaped the destruction of Númenor and came to Middle-Earth with Isildur and Anárion. First of their name was a sodier of Númenor and bannerman of Isildur called Askarnil, who distinguised himself in the War of the Last Alliance. A shooting star was seen in the sky at the time of his ennoblement. Connection with stars, magic and astrology has run deep in the family, who might just have concocted the story themselves, to explain their distinctive coat of arms (though many ancient númenoreans favoured star-themed heraldry). House Asgaril has produced many fine astrologer and scholars, and they are adept at making potions, elixirs and magical crystals.

Family lands are mostly made up of woodlands and gardens of North Ithilien. They control an important 60-mile stretch of the Royal Road which runs from Morannon to Minas Ithil, but income from caravansarais and itinerant tradesmen have been drying up lately. True importance of the Asgaril Estate is that it encompasses the best of hunting grounds east of Anduin; full of fowl and game. As long as pheasants from Taur Broseliand tend to end up in the kitchens of Minas Anor, House Asgaril can enjoy royal favours.

Question of royal patronage has been even more important after Calimon Asgaril, leading member of the family, former minister of the Palantíri and grand master of the underground philosophical society Pharaz Lômi, was indicted of sorcery and high treason and subsequently convicted to permanent exile, along with revocation of all his lands and titles. His pupil and daughter Lúthien was indicted as well, removed from her post as a minister and forced to go into hiding.

Currently the Asgaril Estate consists of four manors. The seat of the county of Henneth Annûn ("Window of the Sunset") is known for eponymous waterfall, "fairest of the all the falls of Ithilien", and the Forbidden Pool that lies beneath it. Halls of Bar Tawar are delved straight into the hills. They are said to resemble Menegroth, the fabled home of the elven-king Thingol in the lays of Beleriand. Manors of Sanctuary (dedicated to the Valie Estë) and Wayrest lie beside the great north-south road. Fifth manor, the glorious Beech Hall (Thamas Neldor) near the Crossroads of Ithilien, belonged to Calimon Asgaril and was confiscated to the Crown. The loss was mitigated by the fact that the Beech Hall had already been pillaged by pretender Sangahyandion's troops during the Fifteen Year's War.

House Asgaril hold four seats in the Govadan Gondorim. Current head of the family, Beren, is elderly and disinterested in politics.

Family Tree

Aratar herenya Beren Asgaril, exalted member of the Council of Gondor, count of Henneth Annûn
Angon Asgaril
Calben Asgaril
Raimelin Asgaril
Condir Calimon Asgaril, former minister of the Palantíri
Lúthien Asgaril, former minister of the Palantíri and Keeper of the Queen's Bedroom, betrothed to Artamir Rian.

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