House Aranelaith
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House Aranelaith


Aranelaith is one of the Exalted noble houses in Anórien and a cadet branch of the royal family through a daughter of Eldacar. Being true-blooded descendants of kings, House Aranelaith has supplied several brides to the royal household. Almarien Aranelaith was second wife of King Minardil who perished during the Sack of Pelargir. Her cousin Melabrian Aranelaith was bethrothed to Prince Minastan and became Queen Mother when her son Minastir was anointed as King Tarondor.

Since the King-Strife, House Aranelaith has held the county of Cair Andros and its great citadel as their hereditary domain.

House members in the Govadan Gondorim: Arodion Aranelaith, Count of Cair Andros and Fondir Aranelaith.

Family Tree

Aratar herenya Arodion Aranelaith, exalted member of the Council of Gondor, count of Cair Andros
Melabrian Aranelaith, Queen Mother = Minastan †
Minastir, King Tarondor of Gondor
? †, younger son who perished soon after birth
Almarien Aranelaith †, former Queen of Gondor = Minardil †
Hîr Fondir Arandal, exalted member of the Council of Gondor
Autherdir Baragund Aranelaith, commander of the 2nd Anórien Regiment of Foot

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