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Angamaitë Castamirioni
Grand admiral of Umbar
Race Dúnadan (Corsair)
Profession Mariner
Gifts & Geas True blood, Eloquence, Hammerhand
Family tree
House of Calimehtar


Angamaitë Castamirioni (1551- ) was direct descendant of king Castamir the Usurper and eldest son of the infamous corsair lord Castamaitë. He was by far the most gifted Umbarean politician and a brilliant naval tactician. Cold and calculating, he was also known as a master swordsman with few rivals. It was speculated that he was second only to Curmegil Rúthion, the foremost fencer and master of arms in Gondor under king Tarondor. He is best known as the planner and executor of the Corsairs' Great Raid against Pelargir. On the docks of Pelargir he met and slew king Minardil, avenging his great-grandfather's death at the hand of Eldacar.

Family tree

House Castamirioni

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