House Alagdor
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House Alagdor
"Impetuous and Faithful"

Angon Alagdor
Young Angon Anárion, 35th Lord Alagdor.
Picture by Ebe Kastein.


Alagdor is one of the exalted families of Ithilien. According to family legend, they descend from one of the shipmates of Isildur who came from Númenor on II 3319. The direct partilinear line, which had been unbroken since the fourth century of the Third Age, died out in the Great Plague. A new heir, a distant nephew from Hyarpendë, has assumed the title. Angon is young and ruthless, and with control of one of Ithilien's most powerful families under his belt, he seems destined for a bright future. He has allied himself with the Côr Carammaitë to further his personal power. There are gossip about involvement in other secret societies as well.

Estates of House are situated in Southern Ithilien. They include the County of Alagdor between Hyarpendë and Athrad Poros. In addition, members of the House hold several brick manufactures, one hundred olive oil presses, and operate a large fleet of merchantmen. Angon Alagdor is personally known for his proud mock-númenorean palace in Minas Ithil. Combined wealth of the Alagdori is estimated to be c. 12 million miriani or 600 000 crowns.

Hîr Brannon, 26th Lord of Alagdor, was one of the first great lords to rebel against King Valacar in the 1420s and was counted among the Captains who ousted King Eldacar and elected his cousin Castamir in his stead. When Eldacar and his allies defeated Castamir during the Kin-strife, the House Alagdor was nearly decimated. If the youngest son of Brannon, a well known writer and classical scholar called Lango Alagdor, had not escaped to Calenardhon and joined Eldacar's forces, the whole House would have been exiled and their estates annulled.

House members in the Council of Gondor: Angon (Lord Alagdor), Bartholon, Guidon, Criston the Older, Orbeleg councilor of Ithilien, Oropher, Orlando and Estel.

Palace of the Alagdori
Fortress of Aludor, the Târik-Ûriyat.

Palace of the Alagdori in Hyarpendë.

Alagdor countryside
A typical landscape of the Alagdor countryside.

Family Tree

Condir Criston Alagdor † (= Mantissa Nepos), Lord of Hyarpendë
Condir Callon Alagdor † (= Lalaith Alagdor, his first cousin), Lord of Hyarpendë
Aratar herenya Angon Alagdor (= Berúthiel Alagdor, his second cousin), exalted member of the Council of Gondor, 36th count of Aludor
Corundil Alagdor
Critho Alagdor
Anarwen Alagdor
Condir Bartholon Alagdor (= Brennil Anarríma), exalted member of the Council of Gondor.
Condir Guidon Alagdor, exalted member of the Council of Gondor.
Corinna Alagdor (= ?)
Caliban of Ithilien (bastard)
Calben Alagdor † (= Maiwë Gilcudor), Knight, Fellow Scholar, Solicitor and Justice of the Chancery Court
Criston Alagdor, Knight in the Company of the White Tree
Mardil Alagdor, Foot-Sergeant in the Dagarim Aran, Royal Ithilean Regiment of Foot
Carwen Alagdor (= Brannon Alagdor, her second cousin)

Hîr Brannon Alagdor †, Warden of Ithilien, Palatial Prefect and Steward of Minas Ithil (= Carwen)
Hîratar Orbeleg (Oleg) Alagdor, Councilor of Ithilien, former Captain-General, exalted member of the Council of Gondor
Caranloth (Cara)
Lindawen (Lia)
Oropher (Fero)
Condir Oropher Alagdor, High Justice in Ithilien, exalted member of the Council of Gondor
Condir Orlando Alagdor, exalted member of the Council of Gondor.
Condir Estel Alagdor, commander of the Ithilien Regiment of Horse and Queen's Rangers, exalted member of the Council of Gondor.

Hîr Isilmo Alagdur, bastard half-cousin of Oleg

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