House Agarinna
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House Agarinna
"Crowned By Blood"

Cambal Agarinna
Cambal Agarinna

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The Agarinna family are among the more mysterious and exotic of the dynasties in Gondor. They are counted among the herenya, the Exalted, being one of the 50 Faithful families who escaped the destruction of Númenor. Their origin story tells of three brothers who were sorcerers before the founding of Gondor. They set out to find and kill Lord Annatar, whom they blame for the death of their friend, and all other people that previously had died because of him. They managed to trick and capture the Dark Lord, who in exchange for his life, gave them a choice of everything they wanted.

The first brother asked for a way to bring back someone from death, so Annatar taught him the Lay of the Dead. The second brother wanted to see into past and future and to delve into other people's minds, so Annatar gave him the Eye of Essence. The third brother asked for a cloak that made the wearer invisible, being able to completely shield the wearer from even Annatar himself, and that could not be worn out by time or spells. So Annatar wove a cloak, finer than spider's silk, and gave it to him. When Númenor was destroyed, they escaped to Middle-Earth and became great lords among men. But the Dark Lord had also survived, and when the brothers were old, he came to collect their lives in payment of his humiliation. Disguised as a mortal soul, he devoured the first brother and sucked away his life during a seance. The second brother tried to use the Eye to scy upon him, but his mind was poisoned from the contact with the Dark Lord, and he killed himself. But the third brother put on the cloak, and like that, he was gone, and nobody ever saw him again. According to folklore, he founded the House Agarinna ("crowned by blood"), which survives to this day.

Cambal Agarinna

Cambal was one of the few known practitioners of sorcery in the realm. Because of this, and of his curious family history, he was viewed with contempt and distrust by the nobility. He was, however, a respected member of the Court. Dostir Maldring pressed for his appointment as the Royal Astrologer, which he managed to procure against all odds, as he was strongly opposed by prince Vinyaran and Emelduin the Seer. Cambal lived a life of moderate seclusion and married late. He had no children but adopted his brother's son after both parents perished in the Plague. His wife Diriel was content with a life of quiet luxury, and especially enjoyed hunting. Current Lord of Agarinna is Saelon, a sickly, pale man. Should his health fail, the family fortune would go to the descendants of Cambal's cousins, two of which have recently died: Caranor and Estelmo , both former students in the Academy of Hyarmendol in Osgiliath. Caranor Agarinna jr. was also a horseman in the Company of the White Tree before dying in suspect circumstances.

The extensive but impoverished Agarinna estates lie in Umb Estelwain, Anfalas. In addition the family owns five manors in Anórien and a huge hall in the 5th Level of Minas Anor, the Abad Agarinna.

House members in the Govadan Gondorim: Saelon Agarinna, Caliban Agarinna and Egol Agarinna.

Family Tree

Calimon Agarinna †
Cambal Agarinna (1575-1667) = Diriel (1602- )
Cosimo Agarinna † = Elleth Dumardo
Saelon Agarinna (1631- )
Arlach Agarinna †
Caranor Agarinna sr.† = Celewen
Caranor Agarinna jr. † (1630-1664)
Estelmo Agarinna † (1636-1664)
Araglar Agarinna (1637– )
Caliban Agarinna = Seronwen
Delia Agarinna
Corwen Agarinna
Critho Agarinna
Ainiel Agarinna = Findamir Rian
Estel Agarinna †
Egol Agarinna = Nuna
Incanus Agarinna
Helgë Agarinna
Lossbereth Agarinna

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